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How Window Films Are a Security Device

Whether it’s a home, a business, or any other type of facility, most people place a high value on securing their property.

Protecting a structure from harm can be difficult, especially with so many hazards to look out for. Owners and managers are always looking for simple ways to protect their investment and keep it safe.

Protective window films help minimize the damage caused by natural disasters, vandalism, storms, and even structural attacks. This simple but helpful accessory is one that can help anyone keep their facility and the property inside it safer, making the area more welcoming to those who use it.

Why Holistic Protection is Hard to Come By

Securing the windows in a location is a big step. However, this doesn’t mean it has to be one that takes up a lot of time and resources.

The reason why good protection is hard to find is because there are so many threats to windows. Not only are they the part of a building more likely to be damaged from debris and pressure from weather events, but they also serve as a makeshift entry point for would-be criminals.

Protecting against nature and the possibility of human interference can be difficult. However, protective window films provide protection against all types of major threats.

How Window Films Shield Glass

Preventing glass breakage, cracking, unwanted entry, and any type of damage to and around windows is much easier with protective film.

Films designed to shield windows from impact use multiple layers of ceramic material, which is engineered to absorb impact. Whether its high winds from hurricanes or thunderstorms, or even human threats like bombs, ballistics, or burglary, protective films can be a difference-maker.

The film is designed to hinder unwanted entry, as a broken pane of glass covered in protective film will create a “spider web” of broken glass, slowing down the efforts of a burglar and making it harder for them to get inside.

The film’s ability to absorb impact from blasts caused by bombs or accidents, as well as from storms, also helps to prevent shattered glass from making the area more dangerous. Features like these can help keep a facility safer.

Safer Buildings Mean Safer Locations

Whether it’s a home where someone goes to relax or a place of business where a person goes to serve others, people appreciate a secure location. Knowing that windows are protected from the most common threats out there is a benefit for anyone.

Protective window films give owners peace of mind, letting them know their locations won’t put them or other people in danger.

The films also come with certain levels of visible light transmission and reflection, allowing users to even control the amount of sunlight that gets in through their windows. This provides more control than most owners ever imagined they’d have with their windows.

How Window Films Can Boost Commercial Revenues

The business world is about managing costs while trying to provide the best result for every customer.

Modern business buildings

Expenses, location, and employee morale are all factors which can influence the success of a business. Sometimes, something as simple as excessive heat or rays can have a major effect.

Window films from Huper Optik use nanoceramic construction to control and reflect sunlight, which can drastically improve the conditions of any business. Sometimes, this simple move can be enough to help a company improve their bottom line.

Why Excess Sunlight Can Be Expensive

When we’re on the clock, it’s easy to work diligently without thinking about ways to improve conditions. Oftentimes, a compensatory solution is used, such as turning up the air conditioning to counteract an excess amount of heat at a business.

The problem with this approach is that it provides a constant force for the cool air to contend with, making the unit work harder and driving up bills in the process. When companies use protective window films, they can reduce their dependence on cooling units. The result means fewer expenses, and this can mean greater revenue in the long run.

A Comfortable Location is Conductive to Productivity

When a commercial organization has a stuffy, humid environment, it can make it difficult to operate at maximum efficiency. Customers and clients may be in a hurry to get out, and this can make it hard to do good business.

When efficient solar control devices are in place, it becomes much easier to control the indoor climate. This can improve safety and productivity, predominantly making things easier on the employees.

Employees Appreciate Efficient Solar Control

Large group of business people. Over white background

Excess heat in a building can make workers feel tense and anxious. This can be very distracting, and often stops even the most skilled workers from being as productive as they’d like to be. Improved solar control means employees have a better environment to operate in.

No matter if it’s an accountant, a manager, or a vendor, everyone appreciates having a cool climate when they work. Sometimes, a sunny day can make it seem impossible to control the heat, but Huper Optik’s proven window films can help on even the hottest days.

3 Lesser-Known Problems Presented by Excess Sunlight

The sun is vital for life, and many people enjoy sunny days. But at certain levels, it can also be a detriment to the health and wellness of anyone.

Most people know how sunlight can cause health problems. Sunburns and even sun poisoning are common conditions among those who come in contact with the sun’s rays without using proper protection.

What many people fail to realize is that the sun can provide a number of other problems when rays are excessive. Huper Optik’s window films are designed to control and reflect sunlight, helping people avoid these common but lesser-known issues.

1. Excess Sunlight Causes Property to Fade

When the sun is beaming through a window at home, it can be easy to marvel at the pleasant site. It is also easy to assume that the rays are harmless so long as they’re not in contact with any human being or pet. But even property can sustain damage due to constant sun exposure.

Surfaces of furniture or floors can fade quickly when exposed to rays. The discoloration can lead to reduced property values and diminished aesthetic appeal. This makes fading one of the major drawbacks of sun-heavy environments.

2. Sunlight Can Cause Dangerous Glares

When rays start bouncing around, glares become plentiful. Glares can be an annoyance at best and even a hazard in some cases. Whether they impeded a person from looking at a commercial business for too long or lead to dangerous situations on the road, glares are a big (although often forgotten) downfall of sunlight.

While sunlight can cause some visual problems, the common methods people use to remedy this can also present similar situations.

3. Sunlight and Low Visibility

High amounts of sunlight can make it difficult to see properly. However, sometimes this issue doesn’t result from the sun itself. Instead, it happens when people rely on subpar solutions to try and guard their windows from excess rays.

Some window coverings block visibility, especially at night. This can make it harder to get the most out of a piece of property, and explains why many people look for better solutions. Huper Optik window films make it easy to guard against lesser-discussed sun issues – without leading to additional inconveniences.


3 Major Benefits of Solar Control

The sun may be understood a little better than it was in ancient times, but the giant burning ball we all depend on sometimes makes life a little difficult.

People have always worked to control the amount of sunlight that comes into their homes, businesses, or even vehicles. From visors to curtains to blinds to window tints, there have been many proposed solutions for dealing with the problem of excess sunlight.

With Huper Optik’s window films, it is easier than ever to achieve efficient solar control. The nanoceramic technology provides help for a variety of applications, allowing users to reap the benefits of improved solar control.

`1. Solar Control Makes Things Safer

When there are excess rays beaming through a window, it can be more than just an annoyance. Some people who have sensitive skin find themselves getting sunburned when harsh rays beam through glass panels without anything to stop them.

Even if a person isn’t near a window, excess heat inside a structure can create a stuffy environment that leads to breathing problems and even heat exhaustion if things get bad enough. Using window films makes it easier to avoid these problems and stay safe.

2. Window Film Leads to More Comfort

Even if the sun isn’t harsh enough to do harm to individuals in a car or building, it can still make conditions uncomfortable if there are no protective measures in place. Keeping heat out of a location means it will be much more comfortable.

Long trips, lengthy business meetings, and even relaxing days at home can all be improved with access to reliable solar control. Using nanoceramic films means controlling the amount of heat that gets in, and stopping sunlight from becoming overwhelming.

3. Solar Control Is Economical

There are ways to handle a stuffy indoor environment even without window films. While it is possible to pump in cold air to compete with the heat, this often means an AC unit will have to work extra hard. The result is soaring energy bills.

Window films can provide a way to keep the sun out, at least to a large degree. This means the AC unit will be able to keep the area cool while running on a lower setting. Improved solar control is an investment that can pay off in the long run.


Can Protective Window Films Raise the Value of a Property?

The best types of investments are the ones that provide the most return, even if this is achieved by making slight changes to the asset in question.

Cars and homes are the types of property that can help a person regain a bit of their investment in the end if they handle things correctly. By keeping a car or house in good shape, owners can increase its overall resale value.

Huper Optik window films are popular for both buildings and vehicles, providing the occupants of each with a way to beat the heat, stay comfortable, and remain safe even on a day when the sun is beaming down.

Why Window Films Are Great for Cars

Everyone has had the experience of driving down the highway on a sunny day while battling the beaming sun. Though it can make for a beautiful sight, it can also lead to some annoyances.

Excess rays can plow past the visor and come through factory tint with ease, resulting in a stuffy cab and even some sun burns for those with sensitive skin. Window films help people avoid this problem, and this feature is desirable for many car buyers.

Whether it’s a single vehicle or entire fleets at locations like rental businesses, window films can make any car more alluring by providing the protection and comfort drivers look for without hampering the aesthetic appeal of the car.

Protecting a Building and Increasing Its Value

Whether it’s a residential or commercial facility, everyone has experienced the issue of sitting by a window on a day when the sun is beaming down. This can make it hard to relax and hard to focus, meaning protective films are a great solution.

Window films can provide protection no matter how many windows a building has, where they’re located on the structure, or how big they are. With nanoceramic window films, Huper Optik has become a leader in helping people achieve more efficient solar control.

Building with Huper Optik Window Film

Improving an Investment with Window Film

Investing in property means improving it for the user and for all future users. Anyone who is considering reselling their car, home, or business at some point can benefit from having window films installed.

Sometimes it’s the smallest steps which are the most beneficial. A minor improvement like Huper Optik window film can mean big changes for any asset, including greater resale value.


Hurricane Harvey Update – How you can help?

When disaster strikes, you should always look for the First Responders.

They run into, not away from, the crisis. Always look for the Helpers.


Huper Optik is proud to call HoUSton Home. So many need help and we want to be the Helpers. 

So many of our Partners, Customers, Consumers, Family and Friends have reached out to share their concern.

We are so blessed to report all of the Huper Optik Team and our Families are safe and dry. We proudly call our Home –  HoUSton, TX and want to help where we can.

So many of you have asked “How can we help? What can we do?

We encourage you to do what you can through established volunteer and donation organizations. These organizations are here in Houston and any donation will go directly to the Houston area people and animals that have been rescued, displaced or stranded. No amount is too small to help.

Red Cross – Hurricane Harvey

National Organization in town supporting shelters, rescues, housing, clothing and meals

JJ Watt – Houston Texan Football Star

Our Houston Texans Star Football player has set records for raising funds for relief 

and support in his hometown

Hurrican Harvey Relief Fund

Houston’s Mayor, Sylvestor Turner, has established a fund through Greater Houston Community Foundation

HSPCS – Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruely to Animals

Many animals have been rescued or relocated due to flooding. This organization is set to rescue and keep animals until they are reunited with their owners. 

Many in our Hometown need immediate help and will need help for weeks and months to come. The amount of support on the ground is amazing as many from around the country rally to help. Many have shown up with only a plan to help without any regard to where they will stay or where will they eat. We are amazed at the outpouring of support. Huper Optik continues to operate under our disaster plan and is servicing our direct dealers through the strong support of our Parnters. As soon as our shipping companies return to pick up and deliver to our warehouse, we will open operations in our Houston warehouse.


Current operations for our Direct Dealers:

•we are taking orders with remote operators

•we are shipping via other warehouses in our network

•we are making shipping adjustments to have deliveries arrive on time

•we are notifying dealers of any effects to your order as we process

The support and love for our Home Town is humbling.

Huper Optik wants to thank all of those who have arrived to help and all those who are donating to the recovery of our friends and neighbors.

Why Professional Window Films Are Great for Homeowners

Homeowners use a number of methods to try and control the amount of sunlight in their home.

Blinds, curtains, and even DIY coverings have all been employed by homeowners looking to beat the heat and stop their home’s interior from fading under the pressure of UV rays.

Though a powerful air conditioner can help fight the heat on a sunny day, it is no substitute for optimizing windows to reflect the bulk of the sun’s rays. Professional coverings not only provide protection, but they’re much more effective at doing so without causing negative side effects.



Window Films Before Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are some of the most valuable amenities homes can have, especially in areas where temperatures climb high and sunny days are plentiful. But while a powerful AC unit can cool a home on a sweltering summer day, it doesn’t stop the sun from entering the windows in the first place.

Homes that have rays pouring in non-stop will see their air conditioners working harder to even things out and keep the climate comfortable. Window films from Huper Opitk can deflect the vast majority of rays, helping homeowners lower their energy bills.

Low-Quality Screens Reduce Visibility 

Sometimes homeowners are so eager to keep the sun’s rays out that they resort to makeshift screens or coverings not specifically designed for this task. The result may be a limitation on the amount of UV rays that reach a home’s interior, but it can also lead to reflection issues at night, which can reduce visibility.

Professional window films give homeowners the benefits of UV protection without inconveniences them and hampering the amount of visibility their windows offer. Huper Optik’s advanced nanotechnology enhances the ability windows have to deflect UV rays without reducing the pane’s clarity.

Window Film Guards Interior Surface

Sometimes it can be easy to assume the sun’s UV rays are only damaging to people. But while individuals can move away from windows where rays are beaming through, furniture and amenities may be damaged from prolonged exposure. Even the floor can become discolored and worn down without the proper solution.

Window film offers protection beyond that of blinds and curtains. Huper Optik has the proven technology to help residential facilities get the reliable UV protection they need. While many people use DIY solutions to address the problem of excess sunlight in their home, professional solutions can deliver the best results.


The Benefits of Huper Optik Window Film

Windows, like all aspects of a building, can be modified to better serve the needs of the facility.

Proper accessories provide benefits for both style and efficiency, protecting the look of a window while also offering valuable UV protection to the people inside.

Huper Optik window films are great for residential properties. Homeowners can get frustrated quickly as excess rays lead to faded floors and furniture. This can be great for helping homeowners retain the value of their property while creating a more comfortable (and safer) indoor atmosphere.

Window Films Control Indoor Climates

The more the sun is beaming through a window, the more likely it is that the interior of a building will become stuffy quickly. Even with proper ventilation and a good air conditioner, a building can get uncomfortable for the people inside.

Homeowners may find themselves struggling to manage the heat without a protective film on the windows. Huper Optik film can help reduce the amount of rays which come through a window, greatly diminishing the temperature of a house or apartment complex.

Reduce Energy Use by Beating the Heat

Even if an owner runs their air conditioning system non-stop, they may find their house stays warmer than they’d like. This is because unprotected windows constantly funnel heat into the building. This makes the AC unit’s job harder than it should be.

Window film can help reduce monthly bills and make it easier for ventilation systems to keep a residential location cool. Homeowners may also see benefits from protecting their home’s surfaces and amenities from the sun’s harmful rays.

Protection from the Sun’s Rays

Everyone knows that large amounts of exposure to the sun’s rays can lead to skin burns. However, the sun can also do damage to the property around a home.

Furniture and even floors are at risk for discoloration from prolonged sun exposure. Even blinds and curtains can’t protect these surfaces from losing color due to UV damage. Huper Optik window film offers long-term, reliable protection from the sun damage that puts residential facilities at risk.

There are many modifications homeowners make to their place of residence. Window film offers both short-term and long-term savings as well as protection.


Energy Modeling for Commercial Establishments

Energy efficiency is more important than ever before, especially for businesses.

With the green movement gaining more traction all the time and companies seeing the financial benefits of a smaller carbon footprint, the topic of energy modeling has increased in popularity.

Huper Optik can help businesses reach the perfect balance of energy efficiency for their size, needs, and goals. Making strategic changes with the intent of establishing economical energy advances can seem like a complex process, but Huper Optik is an expert in this area.

Energy Audit of a Building

Why People Hold Off on Energy Modeling

Taking a more energy-efficient approach to business means saving money and helping the environment. What is there to lose? For smart business owners, this is the determining factor about whether to make the switch.

While energy efficient technology has served many businesses well, no two organizations are the same. Even two businesses in the same chain may have unique needs related to their geographic locations and the buying habits of local shoppers.

Energy modeling involves assessing a facility to determine which options would be the most beneficial. This allows a business to move into the green mindset without pressuring them into adopting one-size-fits-all solutions.

Accurate Calculations and High Standards

Energy-efficient technology has evolved quickly over the years. One of the biggest signs of the industry’s progress is the development of standards and guidelines for this technology.

Not only can Huper Optik provide detailed measurements and calculations to help owners understand how their business will benefit, but we also work based off ISO9050 and ASHRAE specifications.

By using the right information, we can provide you with the same benefits other companies have enjoyed. The numbers are a great indicator for learning where to make modifications and how much you can expect to benefit from them.

See the Benefits Where It Matters

Using energy-efficient technology like window films can reduce the load of HVAC units and improve indoor climates. The products accomplish this without diminishing the appearance of a building or reducing visibility at night. These durable solutions are backed by an industry-leading warranty, making energy modeling a safe upgrade for organizations of all sizes.

How Nanotechnology Helps Prevent Sun Damage

Reduce Heat and Rays with Window Film

We all know how relaxing it can be to have sunlight beaming into your house on a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, the heat can become a bit stifling in large doses. The sun’s rays can also be harmful,

especially to young children and those who burn easily.

Our high-quality residential window film uses nanotechnology to reduce the amount of solar energy in your home. In addition to reducing the heat, our films can also protect you and your loved ones from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

Nanotechnology helps prevent sun damage


The Dangers of Too Much Sun

Natural heat is a comforting and charming phenomenon when enjoyed in the right quantities. However, prolonged exposure to the sun’s heat and rays can lead to serious health problems as well as damage to a building.

Sun beaming through windows regularly can cause a room to heat up in a short time. Those with breathing problems or other conditions triggered by stuffy and humid conditions may be at higher risk in a warmer room.

The sun can also beam in UV rays, which can discolor building surfaces and even burn peoples’ skin. For those with elderly or young people around, rays beaming through the window can be especially dangerous.

Using Nanotechnology to Handle the Heat

We offer the first and only nanotechnology-based ceramic window film on the market. Our researchers

developed this material, and it was patented in the late 1990s.

Nanotechnology helps prevent UV Sun Damage

These simple and effective films provide a way for you to guard any building from the heat. Designed to reduce heat intake and reflect UV rays, our products can keep you cool and safe even on the sunniest day.

While curtains, blinds, or other common solutions require you to limit your visibility, our films still allow you to enjoy a view of the outdoors. While these other common solutions fail to guard you against the heat and harmful rays, our products are designed specifically for this purpose.

No one likes the thought of dealing with a stuffy house or being at risk from harmful rays. With our products, you can get the protection you need.

To find out more about our ceramic window films, contact Hüper Optik today.

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