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Cool Your Business with Commercial Film

How Huper Optik’s Commercial Film Offers Energy Savings

Time is money, but so is energy usage. In fact, every moment you spend trying to regulate the temperature in your place of business constitutes a constant source of investment.

Think of it this way – when you’re running your business’s air conditioner, you’re sending a constant flow of cool air out into the store, warehouse, or facility. This is the equivalent of pouring dollar bills out, as energy bills are some of the costliest investments you’ll find at any commercial establishment.

But what is the alternative? On a hot day, you may find the sun beams down at an unrelenting pace, making the indoor of any commercial facility unbearable. Turning up your cooling unit to combat the heat is the only solution, right?

Luckily, it isn’t – with commercial film for your windows, you can stop the heat and enjoy the energy savings that come with this strategy.

Why Energy Savings Are Important for a Business

We know that businesses have one purpose – to turn a profit. They do this by doing good business with their customers, and part of that means having a good place to conduct commerce. 

The area should be comfortable in order to make customers feel relaxed and facilitate a pleasant experience with them. If you’re based in an area that is known for warm temperatures, even during select portions of the year, you know how hard a hot day can be on business.

When people come inside to shop, they want to be able to escape the warm climate. This means you’re usually left with the choice of turning on the air conditioner to combat the influx of heat or losing out on business. Even keeping your windows closed won’t stop the heat – the suns rays beam right through panes, causing you to inevitably crank up the air conditioner and prepare for the incoming bill.

Energy savings are important because they allow you to keep your business cool while saving money. You won’t lose out on business, as you’ll still be able to keep customers coming back. But what is the key to this? The solution lies in the way you treat your windows. Huper Optik’s commercial films are designed for this purpose.

The Benefits of Using Commercial Films

Huper Optik’s commercial films are designed to offer high performance in the areas of light and UV ray rejection.

If you can stop the sun’s rays from beaming into your facility at such a heavy pace, you’ll need less cooling to counteract them. This means you can enjoy the same cool climate but get energy savings to go with it.

Films are easy to apply and are designed with nano-technology to offer precise performance, ensuring you get your money’s worth and gain a long-term asset for your place of business. When it comes to temperature control, commercial films are the way to go.

Enjoy energy savings at your business, keep the place cool, and keep your customers happy all at the same time. 


Protect Your Windows with Security Film

Shield Series Security Film Can Guard Your Windows Without the Bulk

Security – it’s something every building needs to some degree.

Some areas and some types of buildings are more susceptible to dangers than others. Entry points like windows are more likely to be breached in high-crime areas, or in buildings where there is a lot inside to attract potential thieves.

Mother nature can also be a danger to your building’s windows, as high winds can blow trash or even small rocks and cause even the sturdiest panes of glass to shatter.

Luckily, Huper Optik’s shield series of security film offers you the ability to guard your windows without covering them in bulky shutters or cumbersome guards.

Security Film

The Dangers Posed from Shattering Windows

We all know that a broken window is never fun to deal with. The mess and the cost are both a headache, and this is true whether you deal with the issue at a residential or commercial facility.

But there are also a lot of dangers to be had with broken windows. For one, broken glass is extremely hard to clean up safely. Even with proper technique or glass that is advertised as “shatter proof,” it is easy to cut yourself or leave behind tiny shards.

These shards can damage anyone or anything that touches them. At work, it can be a hazard to your customers and employees. At home, it can be a threat to your family members and pets.

The solution most people find usually involves a window covering. But while they may prevent shattering, they present their own problems. 

Why Security Film is the Best Option

Your first option for dealing with the threat of broken windows at a business is usually installing a metal shutter that you’ll close whenever you close the store down.

However, this isn’t always 100% reliable. Your coverings won’t do anything until they’re applied, meaning a strong storm during business hours could shatter unprotected panes. Likewise, the covers could be bulky and cumbersome to apply night in and night out.

The same goes for your home. Blocking off windows with large guards can obscure your view of the outside world and function as a major eyesore.

Security film from the shield series is not only less noticeable, but it works at all times. If the pane of glass is ever broken, the film will form a “spider web” of sorts and stop flying shards from entering the building. Even better – they will stop the broken window from becoming an entry way for intruders.

Shield Series is a Cost-Efficient Safety Option

When you want to prevent your windows from becoming a liability, choose security film. It will ensure that broken panes don’t become a problem and cause you to incur repair expenses.

Even better, it will ensure your windows remain intact and stop from becoming openings even if the glass breaks. It is a smart investment in terms of both saving money and avoiding potential dangers at a home or business. 

Energy Modeling for Commercial Establishments

Energy efficiency is more important than ever before, especially for businesses.

With the green movement gaining more traction all the time and companies seeing the financial benefits of a smaller carbon footprint, the topic of energy modeling has increased in popularity.

Huper Optik can help businesses reach the perfect balance of energy efficiency for their size, needs, and goals. Making strategic changes with the intent of establishing economical energy advances can seem like a complex process, but Huper Optik is an expert in this area.

Energy Audit of a Building

Why People Hold Off on Energy Modeling

Taking a more energy-efficient approach to business means saving money and helping the environment. What is there to lose? For smart business owners, this is the determining factor about whether to make the switch.

While energy efficient technology has served many businesses well, no two organizations are the same. Even two businesses in the same chain may have unique needs related to their geographic locations and the buying habits of local shoppers.

Energy modeling involves assessing a facility to determine which options would be the most beneficial. This allows a business to move into the green mindset without pressuring them into adopting one-size-fits-all solutions.

Accurate Calculations and High Standards

Energy-efficient technology has evolved quickly over the years. One of the biggest signs of the industry’s progress is the development of standards and guidelines for this technology.

Not only can Huper Optik provide detailed measurements and calculations to help owners understand how their business will benefit, but we also work based off ISO9050 and ASHRAE specifications.

By using the right information, we can provide you with the same benefits other companies have enjoyed. The numbers are a great indicator for learning where to make modifications and how much you can expect to benefit from them.

See the Benefits Where It Matters

Using energy-efficient technology like window films can reduce the load of HVAC units and improve indoor climates. The products accomplish this without diminishing the appearance of a building or reducing visibility at night. These durable solutions are backed by an industry-leading warranty, making energy modeling a safe upgrade for organizations of all sizes.

Using Heat Rejection Films for Residential Energy Efficiency 

Heat Rejection Film Promotes Energy-Efficiency in Your Home

We’ve all heard about the merits of energy efficiency. It’s usually accompanied by a loving sentiment about taking care of our planet and making a better environment for future generations.

That’s great and all, and the positives of such a stance should not be understated – but there’s also another perk to being energy-efficient. Doing so can save you money, and everyone can appreciate that regardless of their take on environmentalism.

Huper Optik offers high-quality window films designed for heat rejection. This will allow you to stave off the sun glare and promote energy efficiency (and all the savings that come with it) in your own home. 

The Smart Choice for Solar Control and Heat Rejection

When it comes to our homes, using smart technology is the right move. They save us money and help us remain more comfortable.

While smart technology is often associated with various types of technology, the one we’re referring to here is any type of technology that allows us to save money and achieve a good result in our home with the least amount of energy usage.

The result in this case is a cool climate and minimum sun glare. Some people try to achieve the cool climate by relying on air conditioners – but this can lead to soaring energy bills and can also cause the cooling unit itself to wear down faster.

Remember, the sun is unrelenting – it functions like a natural heater, constantly beaming rays through unguarded windows. Rather than requiring you to cover your windows with bulky coverings that block out all the light, you can use a non-reflective film designed to reject 99.9 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Sun Protection Means Safety, Not Just Comfort

When you keep the sun’s constant influx of rays from beaming through your windows, you’ll keep your home cooler and much more comfortable. But you aren’t just protecting the planet – you’re protecting yourself.

The sun’s rays can do a lot of damage, even if the time we’re exposed to them is short. Skin can become irritated and even burnt, leading to potentially serious health problems. This is especially problematic for young people or the elderly, or anyone who has a preexisting skin condition.

There’s also a threat to material possessions. Furniture and floor surfaces are subject to fading if they’re near windows during a sunny day. With heat rejection film, you can protect people and property alike.

Protecting Yourself from Sun Glare

One of the biggest problems of subpar window films is the fact they tend to reflect sunlight. This can send rays bouncing around and ultimately right back into your eyes – making it tough to see outside.

When there is a sunny day outside, most people like to look out and enjoy it. When we have the right window films, we can enjoy the sun without being overwhelmed by the glare.

Residential window films that offer heat rejection can offer energy efficiency and protection at the same time. It’s a win-win for any homeowner!


Are Window Films a Good Idea for New Homeowners?

Getting a new place to live can be an exciting experience.

When most people are moving in to a new home, they have plenty of ideas on how they want to set it up. This process usually involves considering what is the best long-term investment.

Owners who put money into their new place of residence want all the benefits they can get. Window films provide protection against the sun’s rays, which can create a more comfortable indoor environment and even protect property from damage over time.

Beautiful young mother sitting on window sill with her cute little daughter looking out of window

Controlling Sunlight is an Important Practice

Many people would like the thought of sunlight beaming through their windows. However, just like anything else, the sun is only healthy and beneficial in the appropriate amounts. Too much sunlight can actually have a negative effect on a person’s home.

Excess sunlight in a home means it will be hotter, and in some cases, more uncomfortable. This can cause breathing problems for the people inside. This may also cause the air conditioning unit to work much harder than it needs to.

Because of this, using window films to control rays offers multiple benefits. Not only can they help to make the indoor climate more comfortable, but they can help homeowners save big on their air conditioning bill.

Protect Furniture and Surfaces from Fading

While sunlight is healthy in some ways, too much of it can cause harm. But the damage extends even beyond living things – homeowners may find their physical property is endangered by too much sun exposure.

Sun beaming down in the same spot on the floor, the window seal, the furniture, or any other surface can lead to fading and discoloration. Trying to repaint or replace this can be very expensive and time-consuming, and this is something most new homeowners want to avoid, if possible.

The select, ceramic, and thermal types of window film all offer their own perks. And one of their main benefits to homeowners is ensuring their investments will be protected.

Do Films Harm Windows as Well?

It is a common misconception that protective window films are an accessory that can diminish the efficiency of windows. While they do control entry of the sun’s rays, some worry about them obscuring the view.

High-quality window films can actually sharpen the view, functioning similar to an eyeglass lens in certain aspects.

Films don’t wear down glass – they can actually help increase the longevity of a pane and ensure homeowners have less to worry about when it comes to blocking the window with curtains or other DIY solutions.

Controlling light’s entry into a home is important for getting the type of comfortable, efficient location every homeowner looks for.

How Window Films Are a Security Device

Whether it’s a home, a business, or any other type of facility, most people place a high value on securing their property.

Protecting a structure from harm can be difficult, especially with so many hazards to look out for. Owners and managers are always looking for simple ways to protect their investment and keep it safe.

Protective window films help minimize the damage caused by natural disasters, vandalism, storms, and even structural attacks. This simple but helpful accessory is one that can help anyone keep their facility and the property inside it safer, making the area more welcoming to those who use it.

Why Holistic Protection is Hard to Come By

Securing the windows in a location is a big step. However, this doesn’t mean it has to be one that takes up a lot of time and resources.

The reason why good protection is hard to find is because there are so many threats to windows. Not only are they the part of a building more likely to be damaged from debris and pressure from weather events, but they also serve as a makeshift entry point for would-be criminals.

Protecting against nature and the possibility of human interference can be difficult. However, protective window films provide protection against all types of major threats.

How Window Films Shield Glass

Preventing glass breakage, cracking, unwanted entry, and any type of damage to and around windows is much easier with protective film.

Films designed to shield windows from impact use multiple layers of ceramic material, which is engineered to absorb impact. Whether its high winds from hurricanes or thunderstorms, or even human threats like bombs, ballistics, or burglary, protective films can be a difference-maker.

The film is designed to hinder unwanted entry, as a broken pane of glass covered in protective film will create a “spider web” of broken glass, slowing down the efforts of a burglar and making it harder for them to get inside.

The film’s ability to absorb impact from blasts caused by bombs or accidents, as well as from storms, also helps to prevent shattered glass from making the area more dangerous. Features like these can help keep a facility safer.

Safer Buildings Mean Safer Locations

Whether it’s a home where someone goes to relax or a place of business where a person goes to serve others, people appreciate a secure location. Knowing that windows are protected from the most common threats out there is a benefit for anyone.

Protective window films give owners peace of mind, letting them know their locations won’t put them or other people in danger.

The films also come with certain levels of visible light transmission and reflection, allowing users to even control the amount of sunlight that gets in through their windows. This provides more control than most owners ever imagined they’d have with their windows.

Privacy Film for Your Home or Business

Maintain Your Privacy with Decorative Window Film

Everyone likes privacy – while there’s a time for socializing and coming together, there’s also a time to keep wandering eyes away.

But we’ve all experienced the odd sensation of sitting in our office, walking down the hallway, or even being on the other side of a door and seeing a pair of eyes peering at us. Even if the curious spectator isn’t doing it on purpose, we often wish there was a way to help keep our privacy.

Luckily, there is – and no, it doesn’t involve barricading openings and transparent surfaces with bulky or ugly coverings. Huper Optik’s line of decorative window film allows you to keep your privacy and to do so in style.

Privacy Film Can Keep Your Home More Secure

We all love the feeling of being in our own home. It’s a place where we can feel safe and secure, but this placid feeling can sometimes be shattered.

Whether it’s by other people in the home or those outside, it is possible we can be exposed because of windows or glass doors. This can make people feel awkward and inhibit the comfort they have in their place of residence.

Decorative film can be great for giving windows and glass doors a nice aesthetic boost while also keeping wandering eyes safely at bay. Made from a unique material based on polyester, the film gives the appearance of etched glass – without the complicated installation process and high prices that usually come with etchings.

Make Your Business More Professional

When we think about the workplace, we think about the characteristics that are usually dubbed professional – these include an upscale appearance and a respect for the organization’s privacy.

When it comes to keeping your office off limits from the hallway or your waiting room private from your vestibule, there are some great options if you rely on decorative film. Privacy film doesn’t just keep wandering eyes out – it can be used as a promotional tool.

Even if you don’t want to put up a simple image for decoration, you can add company information, promotions about upcoming sales, and other information customers would want to know. 

Businesses have to worry about being cost-efficient with their resources. You an get a great look from film that looks just like an etching while saving money to put toward other areas of your organization.

Get a Degree of Glare Control in Your Windows

Whether you’re at home or at work, the way you decorate your windows doesn’t just influence how your style is perceived – it affects how comfortable the indoor environment will be.

If you use decorative window film from Huper Optik’s Dekorativ line, you’ll enjoy a degree of light and glare control not present in competing films. This lets you enjoy the sun outside without being blinded or having your building get too hot.

Decorative film can do a lot in the way of privacy for homes and businesses. The added bonus of aesthetic benefits is just an extra perk!

Nanoceramic Window Film for the Marine Environment

Nanoceramic Window Film Offers Heat Rejection in Marine Applications

Imagine sailing away on the open sea or a beautiful lake – it’s a placid scene, isn’t it?

The scene offers the gentle soundtrack of aquatic noises, the relaxing feeling of being swayed lightly by the water below, and the touch of the gentle sunlight above.

But sometimes that sunlight can be less than gentle – it can be harsh and even overpowering when there isn’t a cloud in the sky to shield you from the pounding rays. What’s the solution? To wait for a day when the sun coverage isn’t as heavy?

Not hardly – you can take to the waters regardless of the forecast using Huper Optik’s nanoceramic window film. This patented technology offers the heat rejection technology you need to stay cool. 

Why Is the Marine Environment So Harsh?

The thought of having a yacht party or a fishing trip brings to mind images of relaxation. We think of joy and recreation, and the scene is aided by the characteristics of the marine environment.

But this environment can be rough on the coatings, fixtures, and surfaces of your boat. Even high-quality boats cannot get through a lot of uses without sustaining some type of damage.

There’s also the fact that the sun can beam through the windows on a boat and lead to the cab heating up quickly. While some people may try to counteract this with the use of air conditioning systems or fans, this pushes us into the territory of energy inefficiency – you don’t want to put your cooling system up against the power of the unrelenting sun, no matter how robust your system is.

The good news is there’s a solution. By coating your vessel with patented window films built with nanoceramic technology, you can protect your investment and stave off the heat.

Nanoceramic Window Film Holds Up Over Time

No one wants to invest in a window film that will peel away after the first few exposures to saltwater or freshwater.

The benefit of this window film is that it is built for aquatic conditions specifically – it will hold up against the elements and serve you well no matter how many waves crash against the side of your vessel or how many sunny days your ship is taken out on.

The ability to save money doesn’t just come from the heat rejection, which makes you less dependent on cooling systems – it comes from the longevity of this product and its toughness in the face of harsh marine environments.

Guard Against Glare and See Clearly

One of the more lesser-discussed issues with boating is the sun glare you deal with. The water’s surface may look beautiful, but it can function like a mirror that sends rays beaming right into your line of sight.

Window films can help protect you from this, allowing you to see clearly and enjoy the view without straining your vision.

When we’re talking about the best way to enjoy life on the ocean or lake in your boat, nanoceramic window films can make things much easier. 


How Window Films Can Protect People and Property 

Stay Protected with Non-Reflective Window Films

Sunshine is usually a welcome site, but in some cases, it can also be harmful.

The reality is, UV rays are anything but comforting. They can end up doing damage to both you and your property. Not only can they cause surfaces to fade and lose color, but they can also cause sunburns, which in turn can lead to more serious conditions. 

Our window films provide you with protection from ultraviolet rays. Whether your furnishings have faded or your skin needs to be shielded from the often-destructive effects of the sun, you can use our products to protect yourself. Our films also give you the added bonus of improved visibility at night, making them a well-rounded choice.

How UV Rays Can Damage Property

Whether it’s the wood flooring in a home or the coffee table in a company’s waiting room, there are certain areas which can be damaged by exposure to ultraviolet rays.

UV rays can lead to discoloration and shorten the lifespan of various materials. Many people try to position their belongings away from windows or cover them as best they can. These workaround-style solutions can disrupt the flow of an entire room and ruin a decorative scheme.

Window film can stop these rays from entering the room, guarding your property and giving you the best of both worlds. You’ll be able to enjoy the look of a sunny day while keeping your location safe from harm.

A Hazard Few People Consider

It is easy to overlook the dangers of the sun’s rays, especially if you’re indoors. But just because you have a roof over your head doesn’t mean you’re completely protected. We know that leaving the window or curtains open on a sunny day can be great, but it can also put you at risk.

UV rays, even in small amounts, can do a significant amount of damage to a person’s skin over time. This damage can add up, leading to some people developing severe skin conditions after extended contact with UV rays. 

Our films can protect you from these threats, stopping the harmful rays from coming in contact with you while still making it easy to enjoy a sunny day. 

A Great Fit During the Night

One of the main complaints people have about window films is that they reflect the sun’s rays, which also lead to them reflecting light at night and reducing visibility. Our products don’t have this problem, which means you can stay safe from the heat without inconveniencing yourself when the sun sets.

To find out more about protecting yourself and your belongings from the sun’s rays, contact Hüper Optik today. 

Why Window Films Matter for Energy Efficiency

Improve Energy Efficiency with Huper Optik Commercial Window Films

Businesses have to be efficient. This doesn’t just mean they have to be mindful of how they balance their expenses with their revenue streams. It means using their utilities in the most strategic manner possible.

But there are some things that can seem impossible to improve cost-efficiency with. Take air conditioning bills. The hotter a building is, the harder it is to work in. It can be rougher on the employees and the customers. This isn’t best for business, so most managers find themselves relying heavily on their air conditioners. 

However, if you use Huper Optik commercial window films, you can reduce the amount of heat that comes through your windows. 

Energy Efficiency 

Energy Efficiency Means Controlling Your Facility’s Temperature 

There are many things a business owner has to keep track of. But as well as they manage their team and as smart as they are when it comes to developing a business plan, company owners have to also keep an eye on their bills.

The idea behind energy efficiency isn’t just to use less energy – it’s to get the same level of benefits as you did before while using less energy. When it comes to keeping your business at a comfortable temperature, it often comes down to being able to match the heat that pours through your windows with enough air flow.

But this can be very wasteful, both in terms of energy and money. It’s rough for businesses that want to leave a smaller carbon footprint, and for those that want to save money – and since every business falls into the latter category – having a solution is important.

Commercial window films can be useful for keeping the sun’s rays from beaming through a facility’s windows. They don’t completely block the sun, like solid coverings do, but instead, these films are designed to reflect UV rays and thus provide a greater degree of solar control.

When a company can stop so much sun from coming through their windows, they will be able to lean less on their air conditioners. This is a great way to improve energy efficiency and save money, all while ensuring everyone in the building can enjoy a comfortable climate – whether it’s an employee who wants to feel comfortable so they can work well or a shopper who needs to feel comfortable so they can make a purchase.

Helping Businesses Embrace the Green Movement

There’s a lot to be said for companies that embrace the green movement. It shows corporate responsibility and allows companies to improve their reputation in the eyes of others.

Whether those others are prospective business partners or prospective customers, they may feel a bit more confident working with an organization that touts its energy efficiency. This is both for the sake of knowing the company protects the environment and understanding they’re responsible with their money. 

Commercial window films are a great way to improve energy efficiency, save money, and create a cooler indoor climate at any place of business. 

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