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Case Study: Texas Citizens Bank

Texas Citizens Bank, is a boutique private bank in the Houston area with six locations. Employees of all six free standing structures complained of the high exposure to the western sun. This resulted in all locations closing their blinds on the western facing walls, which is a security risk for financial institutions. To improve comfort from the heat and enhance visibility from the suns glare, Texas Citizens Bank turned to EES Consulting, an energy efficiency solutions firm that provides turn-key energy efficiency and sustainability solutions to one and two story light commercial and industrial businesses. EES Consulting assessed Texas Citizens Bank’s buildings firsthand, and then implemented energy efficient solutions in several locations.

A Customized Solution

As part of the customized solution EES Consulting recommended, was the installation of energy efficient Huper Optik Ceramic 40 Window Film on the banks western facing windows. The resulting financial benefits of this solution were twofold, reducing costs in kilowatts per hour and a reduction in the heat load on the HVAC unit increases the lifetime of the equipment. The less heat that penetrates the banks’ windows, the less work and energy the HVAC unit will have to do to keep each building cool.

Big savings

Before the implementation of EES Consulting’s customized solutions, Texas Citizens Bank was consuming an average of 9,596 kWh per month. After the window film installation improvement, the bank averaged 8,061kWh, a 16 percent decrease for a cost savings of over $1,800.

Mike Cornett, President and Organizing Director, was extremely pleased with EES Consulting’s professionalism, and has recommended EES to many of the bank’s clients.

“The air conditioning units were running full steam ahead prior to the filming just to maintain a comfortable temperature in the lobby and in the offices with western sun exposure,” said Cornett. “We were able to throttle those thermostats back and keep it on a normal temperature. It has just helped out immensely.”
“Without fail, every one of the clients that we’ve referred EES to have been very pleased with them,” he said.

Energy efficiency improvements can positively impact business’ financials. However, in this case that was just a bonus. Mike’s primary goal for the energy efficiency improvements were to make his bank more comfortable for his customers and employees. After the installation, the banks were able to turn their thermostats to a normal temperature without worrying the heat coming in through the windows.

By working with EES Consulting, Texas Citizens Bank was able to reduce costs, increase comfort, improve the customer experience and diminish their impact on the environment.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings
12,430 kWh
Annual Dollar Savings
Energy Consumption Reduction
Carbon Footprint Reduction
29,552 lbs.
5.68 years
Simple ROI

Case Study: Ritz-Carlton Charlotte

The Ritz-Carlton luxury hotels pride themselves on providing an exceptional guest experience. They operate some of the finest hotel properties in the world focusing on providing luxury, and have found they do not need to compromise the luxury to achieve environmental standards.

The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte designed a LEED Gold property and is constantly looking for ways to decrease the environmental impact without compromising luxury.

To improve the efficiency of their HVAC and enhance their guests’ comfort, The Ritz-Carlton chose to install Hüper Optik’s Patented Nano-Ceramic Window film. This provided an aggressive Return on Investment of less than 4 years. With the added incentives offered through Utility Company rebates, the ROI was reduced to around 2 years.

Lawrence Hindle, Director of Engineering for The Ritz-Carlton says, “I have seen many benefits of using Hüper Optik window film products including Ceramic 35, Ceramic 30 and Ceramic 40, including a very good ROI for utility savings, increased guest comfort and by extending our asset life while improving views from our facilities.” “Mr. Kishi (Huper Optik Authorized Dealer) has always lived up to his promises, is extremely professional, and has a wonderful work ethic and integrity. I have entrusted facilities to Keith and his teams in excess of $400 million and Keith always performs.”

The LEED Gold certification is a distinction awarded The Ritz Carlton Charlotte by achieving the criteria set by the U.S. Green Build Council for environmental stewardship. This award is the culmination of the design and focus of The Ritz Carlton Charlotte in using a sustainable design and efficient use of resources to help protect our environment.

The installation of Hüper Optik Nano-Ceramic films offered an 8% reduction in overall energy use on this property without changing the look of the existing glass.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer visit or contact

 Images courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte

Case Study: Royal Caribbean Maximizes Fuel Efficiency Installing Hüper Optik Tint

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Since the Wright brothers’ first flight and the creation of the Ford motor car, all vehicles have been using fuels that are damaging to the environment. We continue to search for viable clean fuels that will allow us to travel to the neighborhood store or around the world. Unfortunately, for the moment, we must continue to use these harmful fuels and pay the steadily rising price for it per barrel and via our ozone.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Facility Management Team was searching for a solution to save energy, and impact energy efficiency with an environmentally friendly product. Faced with the challenges of preserving views, along with attempting to achieve their objectives, one of Royal Caribbeans’ options was to replace the glass on all vessels. Fortunately, instead of replacing 500,000 sq. ft. of glass, Hüper Optik Ceramic 40 and Ceramic 50 window tints (or window film, as industry insiders call it) were installed for one tenth the cost of replacing the glass.

The Hüper Optik Window Film allowed Royal Caribbean to achieve their set goals impacting energy efficiency by saving energy, and reducing fuel consumption. This saved on costs while doing it in an environmentally friendly manner. Twenty-three vessels had film installed, which also helped to reduce the fading of carpets and upholstery, lowered surface temperatures by over 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and kept cabins cooler and more comfortable.


Click here to view the full case study

Case Study: Network Collaboration Leads To Commercial Success

Faced with losing tenants due to complaints about excessive heat and increased glare coming through the facility’s windows, Los Angeles’ famed Beverly Center management had their back against the wall. Both tenants and consumers were feeling the extreme heat the building’s windows were allowing in, causing for unhappy consumers and tenants due to lost business.

Management at the Beverly Center needed a quick and inexpensive solution before they started losing tenants, consumers and revenue. Facility officials were introduced to Hüper Optik window films and thought this would be the perfect solution. Installing Hüper Optik’s Select Sech commercial window film on all of the buildings’ outward facing glass, would reduce the heat entering the building by about 60%. This would also keep management from having to completely replace all of the windows, which would cost three times as much money, and ten times as much time.

The high heat rejected by the Hüper Optik Select Sech Window Film allowed for a more comfortable shopping experience for consumers, and prevented tenants from moving out of the facility. The Beverly Center’s unique signature views did not change, and the facility’s monthly utility bills were significantly reduced, allowing commercial chillers to operate even more efficiently.

With a job this large, Manny Almeida of ClearView Sun Control knew he could not do it alone, so he called on the Huper Optik Network’s most skillful west coast dealers to assist him. Here is Manny’s Hüper Optik West Coast ‘Dream Team’ that worked with him on the Beverly Center installation:

Window Innovations, Steve Clark of Brentwood, CA
Songs Tint Masters, Hann Kim of Los Angeles, CA
Solar Shield, Brian Malone of Central Point, OR
Protective Glass Coatings, Joey Jones of San Diego, CA


Click here to view the full case study

Case Study: Energy Conservation For The Hospitality Industry

The Hotel Valencia, a contemporary styled property is located on the famed San Antonio Riverwalk. Hotel management was pursuing ideas to make their guests more comfortable by significantly reducing solar heat from entering guest rooms, and continuing their green efforts to reduce their carbon footprint.

EES Consulting, our Energy Efficiency & Sustainability partner, used a proprietary method to analyze the energy load on multiple facets of the Hotel Valencia facility. This process is called the EESy Method. With the EESy Method, EES Consulting was able to analyze the complete building’s energy inefficiencies and recommend the best solution.

EES Consulting recommended installing Huper Optik Ceramic 35, on the interior of all of the hotel’s exterior doors and windows. The Hotel Valencia has since recorded annual savings of $13,651 with a return on their Investment (ROI) of only 3.44 years. The environmental impact of these savings is equivalent to a reduction of 1,328,586 lbs. of CO2 or saving 67.63 acres of trees.


Click here to view the full case study

Case Study: Energy Efficient Technologies For Commercial Properties

Seventy percent of energy used in the U.S. is consumed by commercial properties. Forty percent of this energy used is to manage cooling costs resulting from infrared heat coming through windows. Bank of America’s downtown San Francisco high rise data center building which has 22,000 square feet of glass was experiencing this problem. Faced with complaints by new tenants that occupied three of the buildings floors, the Facility Management and Engineering Team was looking for a solution to cut the heat coming through the windows.

The Facility Management and Engineering Team was introduced to Hüper Optik’s single-layer Ceramic 35, and patented dual layer Ceramic 30 as the best solution to their specific building’s needs. The combination of two Hüper Optik Commercial Window Tints delivered a more comfortable environment and temperature for the tenants of the Bank of America building. The views were preserved negating the need for hard window coverings, while cutting infrared rays (a major cause of heat) by over 80 percent. Engineering has reported no further complaints from the unhappy tenants and they are very happy with the results.


Click here to view the full case study

Case Study: Hüper Optik Window Films Secure Energy Star Approved Status for Building in Hawaii


1132 Bishop Street, a commercial building owned and managed by Douglas Emmett Management, and installed with Hüper Optik Energy Saver Ceramic 35, has earned the prestigious Energy Star for energy efficiency, and is the first commercial building in the Dealer Network to secure this status. The installation of Energy Saver Ceramic 35 helped to seal the building’s envelope so that it could meet pre-qualifications for Energy Star,

Hüper dealer Keith Kishi, of ACE Glass Tinting, was the installing dealer for 1132 Bishop. “It was our pleasure to work with the facility team, and provide a solution that would save money, and help them earn Energy Star approval, “said Kishi. “We wanted to really understand the entire building envelope, before we recommended a Hüper Optik product.” With the installation of Ceramic 35 Commercial Window Tint, the building’s Energy Star rating went from the low 70’s to the high 80’s.

Check out the full case study here

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