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Reduce Energy Costs with Ceramic Window Film

Commercial Applications for Ceramic Window Film

Hundreds of thousands of homeowners across the country have installed Residential ceramic window film to concurrently make their homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient. 

Ceramic Window Film

Stemming from this successful approach, many business owners and leaseholders looking to pare down energy costs are now turning to Huper Optik for Commercial applications. Commercial ceramic film can provide a host of savings and added value, as this article will explain below. 

Why Add Ceramic Window Film to Your Office?

Commercial-grade ceramic window film meets or surpasses the performance of Residential-grade window film, offering many of the same key benefits:

  • Drastic Reduction in Annual Energy Costs 
  • Increased Privacy, Safety and Security 
  • More Comfortable Environment for Employees Promotes Improved Productivity

As with high-grade Residential Film, Huper Optik Commercial film rejects up to 99.9% of UV rays and 70% of all solar heat, making it a preeminent, proven solution for solar heat control. By easing the reliance on heating an HVAC systems, ceramic window film can cut an office’s annual energy expenses by a sum figure ranging from 20-40%. 

The Importance of Aesthetic Appeal

An under-considered aspect of ceramic window film application is the inherent aesthetic value that top-level ceramic films such as the Huper Optik Commercial line can provide. If necessary, a high-end ceramic or nano-ceramic film can give any office or workplace a signature look, separating the space from the pack and helping a business further develop a brand identity.

In other cases, Huper Optik Commercial film can be installed without changing the exterior appearance of an office building, allowing a company to match the appearance of their cotenants while providing the environment, security, and energy-savings benefits of a high-performing ceramic film. 

Installation and Performance

All Huper Optik ceramic and nano-ceramic films can improve the performance of commercial-space windows using clear calculations based on ISO9050 and ASHRAE standards. Huper Optik films will meet or exceed the performance of any films on adjacent office spaces, providing outstanding value for those interested in bottom-line results. 

Data-driven customers can rest comfortably knowing that ceramic window film has a tangible benefit on their annual returns, and will be both qualitative and quantitative investment. To help business owners successfully implement one of our Commercial films, Huper Optik includes Data Logging and ROI calculators to help our customers pick the best product for their office space. 

Huper Optik also offers energy modeling, measurement, and verification, as well as a plethora of case studies supporting the effectiveness of our products. For additional information or a quote, potential and future customers can request a quote via our website, and an authorized Huper Optik representative will be in touch shortly. 

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