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Choosing the Best Automotive Window Film

Huper Optik is the World Leader in Automotive Window Film

For any number of reasons, drivers and vehicle owners might consider adding protective window film to their automobile. Much like adding residential window film, having protective film professionally installed on a car or truck can go a long way toward improving comfort, safety, and visibility. 

Moreover, high-quality automotive film can help drivers better protect their investment on a car, truck, or SUV. Whether an owner plans to keep their vehicle indefinitely or has an eye on trading it in at some point, automotive window film can keep a vehicle’s interior as pristine as possible. 

Below are some of the key advantages of installing Huper Optik Window Film, specifically concerning automotive window film. 

Top Reasons to Add Automotive Window Film

1. Preserve the Vehicle’s Interior

Much like the interior of a home, the interior of a vehicle has a number of materials that are susceptible to ultraviolet (UV) ray damage. Sun damage can cause cracking, discoloration, and fading to the vehicle’s console and seats, and over time UV rays can cause damage to a vehicle’s leather upholstery. 

Much like residential window film, automotive window film can protect an owner’s investment while also enhancing privacy and helping to control and reduce solar glare. Top-quality window film improves the comfort and value of a vehicle in several different ways, one of which is by keeping a vehicle’s interior as vibrant as possible. 

2. Prevent Possible Heat Damage

Similarly, standard automotive glass not only allows more heat to enter a vehicle’s cabin, but also traps the heat inside the vehicle. Car and truck owners who typically keep temperature-sensitive materials or electronics in their vehicles may want to consider the added value of professionally-installed window film, as high-quality film dramatically reduces solar heat. 

3. Protect and Salvage Windows 

While standard automotive glass is held together with a bonding agent, high-quality automotive window film takes this concept to a new level. Vehicle owners who incur chips and breaks in their windshield or windows are often able to have their windows repaired if high-grade automotive film has been installed. 

Additionally, automotive window film can prevent shards of glass from cutting passengers in the event of a collision, and also deter would-be thieves from breaking into a given vehicle. While vehicle owners hopefully will not have to experience these events, the added security of professionally-installed automotive window film provides added peace of mind. 

The U – Learning Center by Huper Optik

We have developed a Learning Center with our Partners in mind.

We offer 3 elements of training to fit into the schedule of our busy entreprenuers.


Live Training

  • We have a monthly schedule of live webinars that are offered to Authorized Huper Optik Dealers.
  • You will recieve an email twice per month showing a schedule and topics of upcoming webinars.
  • Topics are scheduled through out the month at different times to meet as many schedules as possible.
  • Our trainer is a seasoned professional in the industry since 1999.
    • He has Installed film as a employee of a retail store
    • He has owned his own successful shop representing Huper Optik
    • He has worked in both hot and cold climate markets
    • He has worked in the field recruiting and selling to Huper Optik dealers throughout the country
    • He has developed and sold large commercial projects across the USA

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 Exclusive to New Huper Optik Dealers (only)

  • Live One-on-One training at a time convenient to you
  • This course is developed around your specific needs – from seasoned pro – to new company to our industry – this is critical to hellp you embrace the Huper Optik product line and speed you to success

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On-Demand Video Courses:

  • We have created a learning path for first time user.
  • We have library of over 30+ courses on a range of topics for you to review on your own schedule
  • These courses are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • These courses can be viewed on Computer/Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Each course has supporting reference materials avialable to download for your use off-line
  • A login for each user in your company will allow them to start any course where they have left off before. To add another member of your Team – Click Here
  • Some courses will offer a certificate of achievment in your company name to download and print for hanging in your office/showroom


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Email Topic Series:

  • We provide a series of emails to our new dealers as a part of the onboarding process
  • These highlight our products, our programs and our support services all designed to increase your profits and make your Team a success.

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If at any time throughout this process you have questions, your first point of contact should be your Regional Marketing Distributor.

Thank you for your support of Hüper Optik.

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Huper Optik makes a big splash in the marine industry with its nano-ceramic films.

We offer a new brochure to enhance your sales in the marine environment. This brochure is ideal to leave in the marine boat yard, Harbor office or Yacht Club counter.

Marine Window Tinting

It highlights the advantages of the Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic window film for boats.

Whether it solves:

Reduction in glare to improve navigation during the day

Reduction of heat to make the cabin more comfortable on the hottest days

Reduce the shine on the glass to help night time maneuvering in port

The proven durability of Huper Optik ceramic films will last for the life of your boat. See our complete warranty for details.

To order: – login to the marketing portal

Contact your local distributor

Contact Huper Optik – 888-296-3456

Church in South Carolina Receives a Face-Lift With Exterior Tint

The gentlemen at All Pro Window Tinting out of Canton, GA  did a wonderful job on the Free Church located in Spartanburg, SC. The Church property manager did not like the look of the gold windows. All Pro provided the perfect solution with the Huper Optik Exterior Neutral 25 film. This gave the management staff the look they were trying to achieve at a 1/7th of the cost of replacing the glass, and the film adds an increase in performance for heat rejection inside the 18,000sq. ft. facility. The staff was very pleased with the result. Wonderful job All Pro!!


Huper Optik Announces Continued Expansion In Midwest With Service Group Distribution

For Immediate Release

Houston, TX

Huper Optik recently announced their expansion into the Northeast United States with Tubelite Distributors, and now announces another expansion, this time in the Midwest with Service Group Distribution. Since the relaunching of the Huper Optik USA website to focus on educating consumers on what window tint can do for them, there has been an incredible increase in the awareness of window tint for commercial and residential properties all across the country. In recent months the lightly tapped Midwest has seen a tremendous increase in requests for window tint in all categories. With distribution partners continuing to be the biggest part of Huper Optik’s effort to grow, they have decided to expand the territory with dedicated sales staff to further pursue the abundance of opportunities in the Midwest.

Service Group Distribution (SGD) is a global supplier of automotive, security and energy efficient products and services. They have a large product portfolio including solar control skylight paint, vinyl graphics films, vehicle wrap films, automotive paint protection film, vehicle fuel and oil systems cleaning chemicals just to name a few.

We look forward to the addition of Service Group Distribution in their expansion in the Midwest as a strategic part of the growth of Hüper Optik USA.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer visit or contact

Control Heat Gain in Your Home

Control Heat Gain in Your Home

Heat can feel like an impossible feat to conquer in the summer months. More often than not, individuals solely rely on their air conditioning units to cool homes and combat the heat. However, there are other ways to keep your home cool. Here are money saving tips on how to reduce heat gain in your home without overworking your air conditioning unit, while simultaneously reducing your energy bills.

First of all, what is Heat Gain?

Heat gain is the build up of heat in your home ranging from natural sources, such as sunshine, to the operation of household appliances, such as your oven, washing machine, or clothes dryer. All of these sources produce a significant level of heat gain, in turn, increasing the strain on your air conditioning unit. The following are energy efficient solutions that will reduce the heat gain in your home without increasing your electric bill.

Starting with the #1 Heat Gain Producer

Sunshine entering through windows is the primary natural source of heat gain. Windows alone can account for almost half of a home’s heat gain in the summer months. Take the first step to reducing heat gain in your home by:

  • Applying solar film to your windows: If you do not want to completely block out the natural lighting effects of sunlight, window film is the perfect solution. Many film products, such as Hüper Optik Smart Window Films, reduce the amount of heat in your home but at the same time, they do not impede upon the natural lighting effects of windows and sunlight. Hüper Optik products also reject 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays– the rays responsible for skin problems and fading of home furnishings.

Work on the Top and Feel the Result at the Bottom!

Your roof and attic can collect a lot of heat with the summer sun endlessly shining down on them. Each day, heat enters through your roof and accumulates in your attic. Before you know it, the heat will transfer down to the cool lower living areas of the home. Thwart this unwanted heat with these effective methods:

  • Coat your roof with a reflecting material or install light-colored roofing materials that absorb solar radiation.
  • As a second line of defense, insulate your attic thoroughly and install an attic ventilation system that will constantly regulate airflow. This will bring in cool air and push out the unwanted hot air.

Shine a New Light on Your Situation

If you try to beat out the summer heat by covering your windows with drapes, curtains, blinds or shades you will now rely only on the overhead light bulbs and lamps in your house to make up for lost light. Although one problem is resolved, another emerges:

  • No matter the size, light bulbs radiate a large amount of heat throughout the house but switching them to compact fluorescent bulbs will not only produce the same amount of light that you desire, it will also save energy and reduce heat production significantly.

To learn more on how to conquer heat gain in the sweltering summer months, call Hüper Optik at 832-467-1170.


Image Courtesy of: Solar Shield of Louisiana

Huper Optik Expands Northeastern Efforts With Partner Tubelite Distributors

For Immediate Release

Houston, TX

Huper Optik is expanding its efforts in the Northeast. The brand makes the official announcement to inform current and future partners of the addition in territory management. Due to energy prices that have risen sharply in the Northeast (as high as 37% in Massachusetts in 2015), utility companies are looking to energy efficiency measures to reduce the load on the grid. The local utility companies are offering higher rebates to their customers for effective energy efficiency measures. Lighting retrofits are a well-known and often used solution and yet, many commercial customers and utilities are not aware using window film is a possibility. Window film has proven itself to offer comparable return on investment to lighting upgrades. The power companies continue to have pressure applied to their power grid due to rising demand.

Hüper Optik Window Films offer excellent solutions in its product lines, and a leading methodology through its modeling to help its clients make sound improvement decisions based on proven return-on-investment. Their distribution partners continue to be the biggest part of their effort to grow. In order to expand Huper Optik with dedicated sales staff to further pursue the Northeast and other opportunities, they are excited to announce a second distributor, Tubelite Distributors. Tubelite is a 90 year old company supplying signage material to commercial accounts in the Northeast. Tubelite has been an exclusive distributor of Huper Optik in the Southeast and in Florida for over 2 years. They have existing national account relationships in the commercial building segment where they will introduce window film as a solution.

Huper Optik has benefited from their relationship with SAGR Products for many years. SAGR continues to deliver their industry experience/customer service and will continue to serve their area. SAGR Products will continue to provide Huper Optik products and their outstanding support to their existing customer base.

We look forward to the addition of Tubelite in their expansion in the Northeast as a strategic part of the growth of Hüper Optik USA.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer visit or contact

10 Reasons To Do Business With Huper Optik


1. Culture and RelationshipMutual Benefit for both Dealer and Supplier – Would you like to do business with a company that has had the same leadership and values for over 15 years? Since 2000, we have had the same management, personnel and same CORE PURPOSE “to partner with entrepreneurial spirited dealers for our mutual benefit.”

2. CultureDealer Network Alliance – Our network of dealers and distributors is a select group. This group focuses on helping improve our brand and services. Your input is how we improve! Be heard and see the change!

3. Profit increaseProven Product Technology –  Be one of the few dealers with the best performing line of window films in the industry. The only non-metal, non-dyed, non-reflective ceramic film in the world that has been in the market for over 15 years.

• Industry Leaders and Innovators – Over 15 years ago we invented ceramic films and even today, after every manufacturer is claiming to have their “advanced” ceramic, our products remain the highest performing, non- dyed, non-metal, non-reflective ceramic films.

4. Profit sustainedMax/Min – Fewer dealers means less competition. Be one of the top dealers selling film at highly profitable prices. Our business model allows us to focus on key accounts rather than sell to everyone. We don’t saturate markets and will commit to you if you can commit to us.

• All Products are Available To All Dealers- By not creating classes of dealers, we make sure that all our dealers have access to all of our products. The equality of our dealer network means that you will not feel like a second class dealer at Huper Optik. Everyone has access to the same warranties and programs.

• No Conflicting Channels – Our goal is to make sure we are not creating conflict with our dealers by creating other avenues such as do-it -yourself kits and other channels that will compete with our dealers. The Huper Optik brand is your brand.

• Warranty Programs – At Huper Optik we offer the same warranty for all our product lines, no matter the price. You get the best warranty from Huper Optik whether it be residential, automotive or commercial films.

5. Relationship and CultureSmall, Fast and Agile – By focusing on the quality of our dealers rather than just the quantity, we can focus on giving more attention to the ones we have rather than trying to satisfy thousands of dealers. This improves our ability to adjust to changing markets and dealer requests by delivering what you need immediately.

6. Profit sustainedLargest Window Film Manufacturer in the World – Enjoy the expertise of the largest manufacturer of window films in the world in Eastman Chemical, with the agility of a fast moving, small company like Huper Optik USA. Our economies of scale allow us to deliver product to you efficiently and cost effectively. Have the best of both worlds!

7. Profit increaseHighest Performing, Non-Reflective window film in the World – Our Select Drei (35% VLT) performs like a Silver 20 (70% TSER), but is no more reflective than clear/dual pane glass (12% VLR). 15 YEARS LATER after every manufacturer has tried, DREI is still the highest performing non-reflective film in the world.

8. Profit expansionMaster Account Program  – This program focuses on helping you expand your horizons into the commercial markets rather than competing against the dealer. By creating trust and security through non-competes and non-disclosures, we prove to you that we are your partner and here to help you.

9. Relationship and CultureProfessional, Industry Experienced, Field Representation  – Our representatives have owned Hüper Optik Window Film companies. They understand your challenges and opportunities. They act as a liaison to help us better understand your world.

10. Product CraftsmanshipTitanium Nitride
1st and only Patented Nano-Ceramic Film of its kind.
3X more infra-red rejection (IR) than dyed film
4X less reflectance (VLR) than metalized film
23˚F cooler compared with no film
25X more durable than conventional films


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