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How Residential Window Film Adds Value to a Home

Huper Optik Residential Window Film Adds Value to Every Home and Saves You Money

Whether you are looking to rent or sell your home in the near future or plan to stay put for the long haul, it’s in your interest as a homeowner to maximize the value of the home. Installing residential window film can increase a home’s value in numerous ways. A few of these benefits are highlighted below. 

Ways in Which Residential Window Film Adds Value

1. Curb Appeal

The truth is that aesthetics still play a primary role in any type of purchase, and that certainly extends to the housing market. A polyester-based blend that mimics the appearance of etched glass is one type of decorative film that will absolutely enhance a home’s curb appeal. 

The best decorative films, available from Huper Optik, are highly functional and can be applied to entry doors, office or professional spaces, or bathroom windows to add ambiance and aesthetic appeal. The tone of each film can be tailored to the appearance of a specific home or office space, creating a signature, standout look. 

Homeowners looking for a cost-effective way in which to add function and value to their home are encouraged to consider decorative residential film. In addition to refracting dangerous UV rays and keeping heat out of homes, a smartly-selected decorative film can really make a home pop visually. This can be a boon for homeowners looking to showcase their homes for sale, as an investment in high-end decorative film often pays for itself when it comes time to sell a home. 

2. Privacy and Security 

While privacy has individual and intangible value, the additional security that comes from adding residential window film is easier to quantify. Top-end residential window film is constructed with the same binding agents as automotive glass, meaning the glass will not shatter with impact. 

This doesn’t mean that homeowners will never have broken windows, or that would-be burglars will not attempt a break-in. What this does accomplish is making any home much harder to break into. Reinforcing residential windows with high-end film will discourage intruders from attempting to enter the home, and give homeowners additional time to alert authorities if necessary. 

Best of all, residential window films are often difficult to detect. A home will not look like any more or less of a target for would-be burglars, and homeowners will be able to look out of their windows without any obstruction. 

Homeowners looking to reinvest into their homes would be wise to consider residential window film, as the combination of added value and affordability makes it a sensible upgrade in almost all cases. 

Cool Your Business with Commercial Film

How Huper Optik’s Commercial Film Offers Energy Savings

Time is money, but so is energy usage. In fact, every moment you spend trying to regulate the temperature in your place of business constitutes a constant source of investment.

Think of it this way – when you’re running your business’s air conditioner, you’re sending a constant flow of cool air out into the store, warehouse, or facility. This is the equivalent of pouring dollar bills out, as energy bills are some of the costliest investments you’ll find at any commercial establishment.

But what is the alternative? On a hot day, you may find the sun beams down at an unrelenting pace, making the indoor of any commercial facility unbearable. Turning up your cooling unit to combat the heat is the only solution, right?

Luckily, it isn’t – with commercial film for your windows, you can stop the heat and enjoy the energy savings that come with this strategy.

Why Energy Savings Are Important for a Business

We know that businesses have one purpose – to turn a profit. They do this by doing good business with their customers, and part of that means having a good place to conduct commerce. 

The area should be comfortable in order to make customers feel relaxed and facilitate a pleasant experience with them. If you’re based in an area that is known for warm temperatures, even during select portions of the year, you know how hard a hot day can be on business.

When people come inside to shop, they want to be able to escape the warm climate. This means you’re usually left with the choice of turning on the air conditioner to combat the influx of heat or losing out on business. Even keeping your windows closed won’t stop the heat – the suns rays beam right through panes, causing you to inevitably crank up the air conditioner and prepare for the incoming bill.

Energy savings are important because they allow you to keep your business cool while saving money. You won’t lose out on business, as you’ll still be able to keep customers coming back. But what is the key to this? The solution lies in the way you treat your windows. Huper Optik’s commercial films are designed for this purpose.

The Benefits of Using Commercial Films

Huper Optik’s commercial films are designed to offer high performance in the areas of light and UV ray rejection.

If you can stop the sun’s rays from beaming into your facility at such a heavy pace, you’ll need less cooling to counteract them. This means you can enjoy the same cool climate but get energy savings to go with it.

Films are easy to apply and are designed with nano-technology to offer precise performance, ensuring you get your money’s worth and gain a long-term asset for your place of business. When it comes to temperature control, commercial films are the way to go.

Enjoy energy savings at your business, keep the place cool, and keep your customers happy all at the same time. 


Fusion: A Window Film Built for Energy Efficiency 

Fusion Series Films Help Building Owners and the Planet Simultaneously 

There’s a lot of interest in the green movement, and for good reason.

Not only can an energy-efficient approach to daily life help preserve the planet, but it can also provide benefits for everyone who takes part. 

Energy-efficient cars can get more mileage, energy-efficient machines can be more productive, and energy-efficient buildings can offer a more pleasant environment.

Fusion window films help homes and businesses control how many rays get through their windows. The material itself is focused on sustainability and utilizes green materials. It helps building owners lean less on their HVAC, while also providing privacy and comfort at the same time.

The energy-efficient approach and sustainable mindset behind Fusion films can benefit the user and have a positive effect on the planet.

Using Fusion for Temperature Stabilization – No More “Hot Spots”

Hot spots – every building is bound to have a few. Only instead of being a place to get wireless signal, these are pesky areas where the temperature always seems to rise.

Even a building with a robust air-conditioning system may find their cooling efforts results in an uneven climate. When some areas of a building are stuffy or muggy, it can be a major inconvenience to the occupants that occasionally may even result in health issues.

Hot spots and imbalanced climates usually result from sun beaming through windows consistently on warm days. Fusion films can provide heat rejection for residential and commercial locations, making them less likely to get overheated – and making them less reliant on air-conditioning. 

Green Technology Meets Energy Efficiency 

One of the core foundations of the green movement is energy efficiency. Doing things with as little impact on the planet as possible is now easier than ever before, thanks to technologies like Fusion window films.

Even when the air conditioner and fans are cranked up high and left on for hours, it can sometimes seem like a losing battle to keep a building cool. This is because windows can function like heaters on a sunny day, providing a constant influx of rays and the warmth with them.

Stopping that flow of heat means a building needs their air conditioner less. The less energy they use, the better for the environment. This can also be handy for lowering electric bills.

Benefits Beyond Savings and Environmentalism

Everyone wants to get the best deal possible as they try to improve their home or business. Fusion films are a cost-efficient choice for residential and commercial facilities because of their solar control. This helps the user and the planet – but what else does it offer?

Windows with protective films let in less heat, making for a more comfortable location. They can also provide additional protection against sun glare and stop surfaces from fading under harsh rays.

Comfort, protection, and advanced energy-efficient performance are all qualities of Fusion films. For any homeowner or business owner who wants to enjoy a green product designed for efficiency, Fusion is the right choice. 

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