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How to Transition to an Energy Efficient Home

Actual Cost Savings of Installing Residential Window Film

Many people drive past homes that showcase professionally-installed residential window film, and wonder if the installed cost of an outstanding window film is justifiable. After all, the benefits are clear: high-grade films not only enhance privacy and security, but also drastically reduce solar glare and add a palpable amount of aesthetic appeal. 

That said, for some homeowners, the decision to have residential window film professionally installed comes down to dollars and cents. Homeowners have a litany of ways in which they can upgrade or improve their homes, and many are weighing the benefits of installing Huper Optiks Residential Film versus improving their home in a different way. 

In short, the yearly savings from investing in an energy-efficient window setup can be substantial. This post will briefly break down some of the actual savings that homeowners can see over a calendar year, as well as touch upon some of the biggest benefits of installing residential window film. 

Transitioning to an Energy Efficient Home

While environmentalists and financially-savvy homeowners pioneered the concept of home energy efficiency, the idea has become very mainstream. Homeowners and renters often cringe when they receive their peak-season energy bills, and are always on the lookout for ways to drive down energy costs while keeping their homes comfortable. 

A number of factors will affect the total savings of installing energy efficient windows – namely the climate, the number of windows, and the size of the house – but homeowners can expect to see their daily energy cost cut in half or even into one-third, based on recent reports. 

Several studies have concluded that doors and windows account for a 20% heat loss during winter months. Meanwhile, top-grade residential window films, such as those available from Huper Optik, are capable of refracting up to 66% of all solar heat during summer months. 

Homeowners living in seasonal climates can expect conversative yearly energy bill savings of 40%, but dedicated homeowners and residents can cut their energy costs in half or less, per multiple reports and studies. Again, there are many factors at play, but this should give homeowners an idea of the amount they can save annually with energy-efficient window film. 

Advantages of Huper Optik Window Film

A top-quality residential film from Huper Optik not only improves energy efficiency, but also provides the following benefits:

  • Repels 99.9% of ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting residents from skin cancers and sun damage
  • Protects interior and furniture from fading, cracking, and discoloration
  • Low-reflectivity films enhance visual appeal of any home without compromising a resident’s view 
  • Discourages break-ins by increasing window durability while also increasing privacy 

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