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The Best Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

The Best Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency is With Huper Optik Window Film

Regardless of a homeowner’s motivation – whether it’s an environmental conscience, a desire to save some money, or simply wishing to be more comfortable during the summer and winter – it’s become common to keep an eye on a home’s energy efficiency. 

Even the most potent heating and HVAC units are fighting an uphill battle in the heart of summer and winter, but homeowners and residents can do a number of things to make their homes more energy efficient and comfortable. 

This article will touch upon the best ways to improve home energy efficiency, saving homeowners significantly on annual energy costs and improving the comfort of any home. 

How to Increase Home Energy Efficiency

1. Add a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

Many modern thermostats can be programmed to regulate temperature based on the time of day, or can be controlled remotely via an app on a smartphone. Residents can turn on their air conditioning on their way home from work or school, or set the thermostat to turn off while they’re leaving for the day. 

Smart thermostats can range from about $100-$400, and residents can justify the investment cost almost immediately. 

2. Insulate the Attic 

Older homes or residents living in colder climates will want to consider insulating their attics. Newer homes tend to well-insulated, but older homes are susceptible to major heat loss through the home’s ceiling. This is doubly true for those living in predominantly cold-weather climates. 

The cost to insulate an attic can be considerable, but residents will want to weigh this against wintertime energy costs. Many residents may find that their winter heating bills are exorbitant, even though their homes continue to feel drafty. This is largely due to heat loss through the ceiling. 

3. Consider Energy Efficient Residential Window Film

One of the most effective ways to increase home energy efficiency is by having Huper Optik Residential Window Film professionally installed. Top-grade residential window film works in all seasons, keeping homes naturally warmer during the winter months and allowing homeowners to control solar heat during the hotter months. 

In addition to greatly improving a home’s aesthetic value, residential window film works by refracting up to 99.9% of all ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This not only eases the strain on overworked HVAC units during the summer, but also reduces solar glare, protects the home’s interior from sun fading, and shields the home’s residents from too much UV exposure. 

Energy-efficient windows are part of a greater overall approach. But when used in tandem with more strategic thermostat use and proper home insulation, energy-efficient windows are one of the best ways to reduce energy costs while keeping homes more naturally temperate. 

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