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Huper Optik USA is the world leader in nanoceramic window films across multiple applications. Let us help you create the perfect window.

Traditional Series Available for: Commercial, Residential

High energy saving performance.

Hüper Optik Traditional series films provide energy-saving performance for commercial and residential consumers looking for reflective film properties.

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Single PaneVLT%VLR %TSER %SCSHGCUVLR %IRR %Glare Reduction %U-Value
Silver 1817%56%80%0.230.2099.0%N/A80%1.04
Silver 3031%42%68%0.370.3299.0%N/A62%1.04
Bronze 2522%32%73%0.310.2799.0%N/A72%1.04
Bronze 4039%17%59%.470.4199.0%N/A56%1.04
Dual PaneVLT%VLR %TSER %SCSHGCUVLR %IRR %Glare Reduction %U-Value
Silver 1815%56%69%0.360.3199.0%N/A82%.48
Silver 3028%42%60%0.460.4099.0%N/A65%.49
Bronze 2519%32%60%0.460.4099.0%N/A75%.48
Bronze 4037%17%50%0.580.5099.0%N/A58%.48


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1st Patented Nano-Ceramic Window Film
3x more Infrared rejection
4x less reflective
13 °C Cooler
25x more durable than competing films

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