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Shorts, Sandals, and Self-Made Success: Chris DeLuca’s Story

“I started working in the window film industry at the age of 11,” Chris DeLuca shares. “It was a family-owned business in Canton, Ga., called The Old Pros. My uncle Mike started it in the early 1970s. That’s how I got my feet in the door. My parents never gave me an allowance. If I wanted to buy jeans or a pair of Air Jordans, I would have to figure out a way.”

Finding a Way

DeLuca started by cleaning windows, moving furniture, and gathering trash. Seemingly small tasks laid the foundation for his success then and now.

“They had fun—they worked hard and partied hard,” DeLuca says of his uncle’s business. “They crushed it and loved what they did. By age 17, I was fully certified as a window film installer based on how long I had been tinting with my uncle over the summers.”

Chris DeLuca founded Atlanta’s All Pro Window Tinting in 2007. 13 years later, he founded his second company—Tennessee Film Solutions in Chattanooga, Tenn.

The window film scene in Atlanta was different in the early 1990s.

“Back then, this was not a very large industry,” DeLuca says. “Atlanta only had five or six dealers. Now, there’s 50 to 60. The competition wasn’t as intense. Everybody was a friend. That’s something I’ve learned—you typically want to be friends with the guys you work against.”

After his uncle’s retirement in 1996, DeLuca worked for several film companies before starting his own business.

“I had been doing it for everybody else—let’s see what it’s like,” DeLuca says of the inspiration behind starting his business. “I jumped in with weights on my ankles and still swam.”

Flourishing With Film

DeLuca founded Atlanta’s All Pro Window Tinting in 2007. During the Huper Optik and Autobahn Dealer Conference in Denver this Spring, CEO David Kratz recognized successful dealers in the network. DeLuca was among those honored with a Huper Optik Regional Dealer of the Year Award.

“We’ve been fortunate to be as successful as we have been,” DeLuca says. “I think it’s because I try to keep it casual. I’m the only guy that’ll walk into a house for a job in Hurley shorts, a polo shirt, and a pair of sandals. I walk in like I just came off a boat or the beach. I dress in the brightest colors you can imagine. I try to make it as fun as possible. I don’t walk in wearing khaki pants and loafers. I’m not that guy—I don’t want to be that guy. We’ve been successful from day one.”

An authorized Autobahn and Huper Optik dealer, Chris DeLuca values a family-like culture.

An authorized Autobahn and Huper Optik dealer, DeLuca founded his second company—Tennessee Film Solutions in Chattanooga, Tenn.,—in 2020.

“I’ve grown a business and was able to start another in a different state and become just as successful,” DeLuca says. “We survived the recession in 2007. We survived COVID and picked up during the pandemic. During the hard times, we’ve still met or exceeded expectations and kept our doors open. We’ve been able to add employees and give them raises.”

Tough Times, Tougher People

DeLuca is seeing major success in 2023, but his journey hasn’t been without hardship. At two years old, DeLuca’s son, Nicholas, was diagnosed with brain and spinal cancer.

“He’s 19 now and will be 20 in December,” DeLuca shares. “He’s done 11 different bouts of chemotherapy. He’s done a full round of radiation; he’s had multiple brain and spine surgeries over the years as well. I think we’re up to 15 or 16 surgeries at this point.”

Reflecting on his son’s strength, DeLuca says, “He’s special to me. He is probably the strongest person you will ever meet—physically and mentally. He just keeps going. He is an inspiration to me.”

People First

“I was always the smallest kid in school and the athletic field,” DeLuca says. “I was always told I couldn’t do things. I’m motivated because I still have a lot of people in this industry that want to see me fail. If I’m going to lose, it’s going to be on my terms. I’m not here to get rich. I’m here to make a living and enjoy my life.”

Chris DeLuca started his window film career at age 11 by cleaning windows, moving furniture, and gathering trash. Today, he oversees a talented team providing solutions for the South.

DeLuca values the relationships he’s built and the places he’s visited during his three-decade industry run. Above all, he wants to be remembered for the fun moments he shared with his team.

“We keep it family oriented,” he says. “It’s more than, ‘Here’s a paycheck, thanks for coming. See you later.’ Everybody has a good time—everybody has a blast.”

30 Years of Quality Products and Services in the Window Tint Industry

It wasn’t by mistake that this dealer got involved in window film. Stuck in traffic due to an accident on a hot Texas day circa 1987, Marty Johnson sat in his car while his son was getting sunburned in the back seat. This triggered Marty to start doing research and found window film to fix this problem. Marty has now been in the industry for 30 years and stays inspired by the challenges the industry faces. Glass has only gotten better over the years. This poses a little more of a challenge when selling film but Marty sees his way through it and still manages to complete difficult sales.

Marty has had many achievements in his career and he enjoys the little things like smiling with clients with whom he did installations for 25+ years ago. The fact that this is his 30th anniversary in the industry is amazing! Marty says “making it through the lean times, providing for his family and being able to say I didn’t fold is what makes him proudest”.

“…slow down and turn on the perfect switch”

Finding installers that have the same work ethic as Marty has always been a huge challenge for him. Employee training and development is what Marty believes helped him reach 30 years and is always telling his installers to take your time “slow down and turn on the perfect switch.” It’s not about getting in and out of a job, it’s about the quality and customer service you provide. Which is why he likes to say “Quality is inspiration.”

This motto is one of the reasons Marty was initially attracted to The Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Film. The optical clarity was unmatched to anything he was carrying, The 15 year warranty gives him the peace of mind that the film and the brand would not disappoint him years down the road and the support from other dealers in and outside of his market has helped support his growth. Marty says “you’re not just a number, which is how I felt with the other brands I was carrying”.

Marty contributes to the Huper Optik Dealer Network by providing his experiences and insights when other dealers call on him. Marty will be the first to tell you he takes advantage of the collaboration of the Huper Optik network of dealers with round table sessions at the national and regional meetings. He recognizes all dealers are in the same boat, so why not share the challenges you may be facing; it helps everyone from the dealer right up to the manufacturer. Huper Optik has established The U Learning Center to further serve the growth of the network.

 “We do what we say we’re going to do, and do it right the first time.”

Ask Marty what he believes Fine Line Glass Tinting is known for and he will tell you “Doing it right the first time.” Something his dad taught him when he was a child, and something that he instills in his whole team. If he tells a client he will be there at nine, he will be there at nine. “We do what we say we’re going to do, and do it right the first time.” Clients sometimes ask if he will be coming by to inspect the finished job. He replies, “if I have to inspect every job then I need to go find some different guys!”

“I rather my customers look me in the eye, we shake hands and say we got a deal!”

It’s not by accident Marty is celebrating his 30th anniversary owning his own company. He is focused on quality when it comes to his business, the product he sells, and most importantly making sure the customer receives that quality and is more than satisfied with his service and their product.


We Lean on Family in Hard Times. Our Network Rallies around one of our own.

Jason Thomas of Accent Tint and his family have received horrible news.

Jason’s 19 year old son was recently in a terrible accident on his motorcycle. He will be in the hospital for an extended period of time and has a long rehab in his future.

We would like support Jason and his family during these tough times.

His medical bills will be significant and he has set up a GoFund me campaign for any one who would like to help!

GoFundme for Chase

Please keep Jason, his son and his family in your prayers.

The U – Learning Center by Huper Optik

We have developed a Learning Center with our Partners in mind.

We offer 3 elements of training to fit into the schedule of our busy entreprenuers.


Live Training

  • We have a monthly schedule of live webinars that are offered to Authorized Huper Optik Dealers.
  • You will recieve an email twice per month showing a schedule and topics of upcoming webinars.
  • Topics are scheduled through out the month at different times to meet as many schedules as possible.
  • Our trainer is a seasoned professional in the industry since 1999.
    • He has Installed film as a employee of a retail store
    • He has owned his own successful shop representing Huper Optik
    • He has worked in both hot and cold climate markets
    • He has worked in the field recruiting and selling to Huper Optik dealers throughout the country
    • He has developed and sold large commercial projects across the USA

Click here to enroll in the email distribution of this schedule


 Exclusive to New Huper Optik Dealers (only)

  • Live One-on-One training at a time convenient to you
  • This course is developed around your specific needs – from seasoned pro – to new company to our industry – this is critical to hellp you embrace the Huper Optik product line and speed you to success

Click here to request a Live Training Session


On-Demand Video Courses:

  • We have created a learning path for first time user.
  • We have library of over 30+ courses on a range of topics for you to review on your own schedule
  • These courses are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • These courses can be viewed on Computer/Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone
  • Each course has supporting reference materials avialable to download for your use off-line
  • A login for each user in your company will allow them to start any course where they have left off before. To add another member of your Team – Click Here
  • Some courses will offer a certificate of achievment in your company name to download and print for hanging in your office/showroom


Click here to request login to The U – Learning Center


Email Topic Series:

  • We provide a series of emails to our new dealers as a part of the onboarding process
  • These highlight our products, our programs and our support services all designed to increase your profits and make your Team a success.

Click here to enroll in the email distribution of these topics


If at any time throughout this process you have questions, your first point of contact should be your Regional Marketing Distributor.

Thank you for your support of Hüper Optik.

Huper Optik Communications

Huper Optik USA


Are your Installers at the Top of Their Game?

Huper Optik Patented Nano-Ceramic Window Films autobahn Performance Window Films

Hüper Optik Installation Training

Hüper Optik and autobahn have established a multi-tiered program for installation training.

New Installers:

Our partnership with Window Tint School provides an in-depth training. Hüper Optik/ autobahn will offer Scholarships* to reduce the cost of training to qualifying Authorized Hüper Optik and autobahn Dealers.

5 dedicated class rooms for both auto and flat glass training

Train on auto or flat glass with Hüper Optik/autobahn films

Instruction Includes:

Product lines


Benefits of Window Film and different technologies – dyed, metal, carbon, ceramic, etc.

Heat Rejection demonstration and measurement

Complete set of installation tools

Breakfast and Lunch each day of instruction



You must be an employee of an Authorized Hüper Optik or autobahn dealer

Distributors must qualify attendee and sign attendee up here for Scholarship


Additional Costs to Attendee:

Transportation to Window Tint School



Window Tint School training for installers

320 Dundas Dr

Jacksonville, FL  32218

(904) 297-8468

Established Installers:

Installers with experience in heat shaping and installing film

Training is held in a designated local shop in various locations around the Region

Training is focused on Select and Ceramic films by Hüper Optik/autobahn

Contact your Distributor to find the next training available in your area.


How to receive Sales Leads from our Network

Huper Optik hands out sales leads, generated through our lead system to our Authorized Dealers. They are assigned using our Dealer Locator.

Our system for our leads is as follows:

  • Received – When a lead is received, we immediately assign to our Authorized Dealer using our Dealer Locator guidelines.
  • Connect – Both the Consumer and the Authorized Dealer receive the email at the same time connecting them via contact information.

Sales Lead information

  • Support – 3 days following our initial email to the Consumer, we sent a short survey.
    • This helps us to prevent anything from falling through the cracks.
    • If we receive the survey indicating they have not been contacted, we will attempt to reach you to follow up.
  • Follow-up – 7 days after the initial email is sent to consumer/dealer, we send out a short survey to the dealer to capture information on our lead.
    • This survey can be filled out via smart phone, tablet or computer
    • Lead information is included with survey link for reference
    • Survey must be completed for each lead

Sales Lead follow up survey

If you would like to be included in our lead system, please confirm you have read this and understand how this system will work to benefit you. 


Happy with my sales lead experience Unhappy with my sales experience

If you have any questions or would like to provide additional feedback, please contact us at your convenience.


Huper Optik USA



Dealer Showcase: It’s the Relationship!





After 27 years in business, I wanted a fresh look.

I needed help with design and cost. The autobahn program gave me that help!










What surprised me the most was the

positive feedback from my customers











My business value has gone up with the

exclusive territory offered by autobahn Performance Films









Being able to sell a full range of products has increase my profit.

With the support of the autobahn Team, 2017 is my best year in business so far.






Important changes to Huper Optik THERM-X films

Due to popular global demand, we have updated the THERM-X film line.


Change in adhesive: All THERM-X films will now be made in Pressure Sensitive (PS) adhesive.

During the transition, there will be films with both adhesives in the market as the existing stock is depleted. You will find the adhesive type on the box label. It will say either DA or PS on the top left corner of the box.

Sample Label:


Color change:

These films are 100% dye free.

Due to sputtering speed variations, there may be slight changes in color to THERM-X films.

The color change is evident when comparing the product with PS adhesive with DA adhesive.

Due to color variation, we do not recommend the two different films be installed in the same room.


Here is a list of all roll numbers with the PS adhesive in circulation currently.

These are the roll # in circulation with PS adhesive.

TX3060 – 312206

TX3072 – 313284

TX5072 – 313327-2

TX7060 – 313365

TX7072 – 313282

TX7072 – 167760


New THERM-X film orders will be fulfilled with the pressure sensitive adhesive version.


1.  How long will the transition last?

We hope to have the transition complete in 90 days

2. How to you make sure you are getting the same adhesive if you order different widths?

Ask your distributor to make sure you are getting either PS or DA for your entire order.

3. Have the specs of the film changed?

No, performance specs are the same for all versions.

4. What happens to the spec cards?

During the transition, we will have the old spec cards in circulation and will be working on the new ones. If you need 12″ x 25′ sample roll of the new version, we are happy to supply at no cost.

5. How can you tell the difference between the films in inventory?

The left top corner of the box identifies the adhesive. (see sample label above)


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause through our transition. Please contact your distributor or your sales director, if there is anything we can do to further assist you.

Huper Optik USA


Huper Optik Architectural Film Deck

Huper Optik has developed a film deck for the architectural films.

This film deck is small and portable to help you present and close your project quicker.

Unique shape makes it a one of a kind in the Industry and represents the Huper Optik high quality and Industry Standard Leading performance you have come to expect.


Hexagon shape to support the Huper Optik Brand

Each technology is color coded

Film type is labeled

Film sample rests over complete specifications

Available for purchase through our Marketing Portal

Contact your local distributor or

Contact Huper Optik USA  888-296-3456



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