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Important changes to Huper Optik THERM-X films

Due to popular global demand, we have updated the THERM-X film line.


Change in adhesive: All THERM-X films will now be made in Pressure Sensitive (PS) adhesive.

During the transition, there will be films with both adhesives in the market as the existing stock is depleted. You will find the adhesive type on the box label. It will say either DA or PS on the top left corner of the box.

Sample Label:


Color change:

These films are 100% dye free.

Due to sputtering speed variations, there may be slight changes in color to THERM-X films.

The color change is evident when comparing the product with PS adhesive with DA adhesive.

Due to color variation, we do not recommend the two different films be installed in the same room.


Here is a list of all roll numbers with the PS adhesive in circulation currently.

These are the roll # in circulation with PS adhesive.

TX3060 – 312206

TX3072 – 313284

TX5072 – 313327-2

TX7060 – 313365

TX7072 – 313282

TX7072 – 167760


New THERM-X film orders will be fulfilled with the pressure sensitive adhesive version.


1.  How long will the transition last?

We hope to have the transition complete in 90 days

2. How to you make sure you are getting the same adhesive if you order different widths?

Ask your distributor to make sure you are getting either PS or DA for your entire order.

3. Have the specs of the film changed?

No, performance specs are the same for all versions.

4. What happens to the spec cards?

During the transition, we will have the old spec cards in circulation and will be working on the new ones. If you need 12″ x 25′ sample roll of the new version, we are happy to supply at no cost.

5. How can you tell the difference between the films in inventory?

The left top corner of the box identifies the adhesive. (see sample label above)


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause through our transition. Please contact your distributor or your sales director, if there is anything we can do to further assist you.

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