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Hüper Optik Installation Training

Hüper Optik and autobahn have established a multi-tiered program for installation training.

New Installers:

Our partnership with Window Tint School provides an in-depth training. Hüper Optik/ autobahn will offer Scholarships* to reduce the cost of training to qualifying Authorized Hüper Optik and autobahn Dealers.

5 dedicated class rooms for both auto and flat glass training

Train on auto or flat glass with Hüper Optik/autobahn films

Instruction Includes:

Product lines


Benefits of Window Film and different technologies – dyed, metal, carbon, ceramic, etc.

Heat Rejection demonstration and measurement

Complete set of installation tools

Breakfast and Lunch each day of instruction



You must be an employee of an Authorized Hüper Optik or autobahn dealer

Distributors must qualify attendee and sign attendee up here for Scholarship


Additional Costs to Attendee:

Transportation to Window Tint School



Window Tint School training for installers

320 Dundas Dr

Jacksonville, FL  32218

(904) 297-8468

Established Installers:

Installers with experience in heat shaping and installing film

Training is held in a designated local shop in various locations around the Region

Training is focused on Select and Ceramic films by Hüper Optik/autobahn

Contact your Distributor to find the next training available in your area.


Dealer Showcase: It’s the Relationship!





After 27 years in business, I wanted a fresh look.

I needed help with design and cost. The autobahn program gave me that help!










What surprised me the most was the

positive feedback from my customers











My business value has gone up with the

exclusive territory offered by autobahn Performance Films









Being able to sell a full range of products has increase my profit.

With the support of the autobahn Team, 2017 is my best year in business so far.






Huper Optik Hosts Autobahn’s Advanced Window Film Shaping Course

Presented with an opportunity to host an autobahn Advanced Window Film Shaping course, Hüper Optik USA Director of Business Development, Harry Rahman, and VP of National Sales, John Yard, were curious to see this company, program and window film training in action.

Autobahn today offers the world’s best window film program with the vision to become the world’s premier auto spa. They’ve only been on the scene for a year, but seem to be making a big splash in the market with 16 stores to date. The focus on consumer satisfaction, quality of their Performa Window film product (or window tint as most people know it), and the choice to use the patented Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic films, is why dealers are excited about this program. Gary Clark, the autobahn Program Manager, formerly involved with launching other automotive film brands, had this to say about the company’s current success. “Along with the world’s highest performing non-reflective films, current automotive dealers are upgrading to the autobahn premium program because of the intangibles the program offers.” The no-hassle warranty, advanced window film shaping course, annual continued education and an amazing marketing display (with custom heat demo) shows auto dealers the effort, commitment and support autobahn provides the dealers.

Standing on the sideline watching the training, Harry and John could see what autobahn is bringing to the market. These are not just products they are trying to sell to consumers, they are teaching and encouraging dealers to take the utmost pride, paying strict attention to detail and creating an all-round experience for the customer from the minute they walk into an autobahn shop. A commitment to the end consumer, its people, programs, policies and warranty are autobahn’s competitive edge.

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