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Huper Optik Beautiful Window Films That Perform Great

Ditching Ugly Reflective Film for Beautiful High-Performance Replacements From Huper Optik

In a place with a warm climate, there are many perks to rattle off almost immediately. But the smoldering heat can also cause some problems.

Sure, everyone likes a sunny day at times. But sometimes the sun’s coverage can be a little overwhelming. This can lead to stuffy homes and businesses, and it can cause them to get desperate to fix the problem.

Oftentimes, the desperation can lead people to go with window films that are simply not attractive from an aesthetic standpoint. Even if they get the job done in terms of solar control, do they offer control and aesthetics at the same time?

Here’s how people can ditch their low-quality films and get more for their money with a better product.

The Burden of a Low-Quality Window Film 

For homes and businesses alike, style matters. If a facility looks good, it is likely a place more people want to be. It’s better to live at, and better to work at as well.

But there’s also a problem when it comes to keeping a facility looking the part while using low-quality window films. These films are usually a complete eyesore, blocking windows but doing so in a way that takes away from the facility’s overall appearance. 

This doesn’t just cause problems while a person is in a building – if they ever plan to try and resell it, doing so with clunky-looking films and subpar window glass makes things harder. It can lead to a smaller return and cause a lot of stress to sellers.

There’s also a big emphasis on curb appeal when it comes to home or business modifications. Sure an addon could perform some useful functions. In this case, those functions include improved privacy and solar control.

But people don’t just want those qualities – they want to enjoy said qualities while keeping the look of their facility intact. 

Make a Window Perform Like an Expensive Model

Not all windows are chosen based on their performance. When a house or business is being built, parts like windows are often skipped on in favor of other more noticeable aspects of the house.

But window glass is more important than many people think. It impacts how warm a building will get, how susceptible inner surfaces are to fading, and more.

It isn’t necessary to replace a glass pane – even if you want higher performance. Simply adding the right type of window film can add these expert-level performance qualities while still looking better than the bulky, lower-quality films of the market. 

The Beauty of a Natural Product

Perhaps the best way to describe a high-quality residential window film is with the term natural.

Natural products look the part because they avoid that cumbersome artificial look of their competitors. They enhance glass without completely changing the look of it. 

For those who like their home or business but simply want to make the windows look a little better, replacing low-quality films with a high-definition natural product can be the right move.

Why Choose Huper Optik’s Marine Films?

Understanding Huper Optik’s Marine Window Films

There are plenty of options out there for protecting a vehicle. No matter what type of road you’re driving on or how old your vehicle is, the proper accessories can help it survive the elements and retain its value for a longer period of time.

marine films


But what about when the unit that needs protecting isn’t used on the road at all? Many people enjoy boating. It provides a relaxing atmosphere free of the bottlenecking traffic jams and a welcomed escape from the sight of pavement and passing cars.

For those who enjoy boating for the purpose of relaxation, for fishing and watersports, or even for big parties on the lake or ocean, keeping your boat in good shape can be a challenge. Admittedly, it can seem like the products designed to protect cars outnumbers those designed to protect boats by a significant margin.

Huper Optik’s marine films are specifically designed to handle the harsh threats of the marine environment. With these coatings and films, it is possible to protect a boat and keep it looking great throughout the years.

Staying Protected in the Water

Huper Optik’s marine films are designed to provide maximum protection using a coating made of non-ceramic material. The films can help prevent damage from salt water and debris that can break down even the most durable materials if they remain unprotected.

There’s also the benefits that come with using films on windows beyond just protection from wear and tear along these areas. Using films can help keep the sun out of the cabin, making for a cooler and more comfortable environment. Whether a person is on a solo fishing trip or hosting a party with friends out on the lake, cooler temperatures and solar control are always welcomed.

While the films can keep out a good amount of the rays that usually beam down on the open waters, they don’t reduce visibility. This means its possible to enjoy protection and comfort without sacrificing safety and control.

Even the reflection off the water won’t be enough to take away the boat owner’s visibility if they use approved window films designed for marine use. Combined with their durability and reliability, these films make for a great nautical accessory.

The Benefits for All Types of Boat Lovers

marine films

Some people only take their boat out on occasion, whenever there is a special event or the weather conditions seem suitable for boating.

Others use their boat on a regular basis. They participate in watersports and fishing regularly, or they enjoy taking friends and family out on the water for frequent outings. Anyone who uses a boat and has ever wanted a bit of extra protection from the hazards and inconveniences of the water can benefit from using Huper Optik’s marine films.

Being a boat owner can be tough, especially when you’re trying to protect the vessel. But with quality films engineered for use in marine environments, preserving a boat becomes much easier.


Are your Installers at the Top of Their Game?

Huper Optik Patented Nano-Ceramic Window Films autobahn Performance Window Films

Hüper Optik Installation Training

Hüper Optik and autobahn have established a multi-tiered program for installation training.

New Installers:

Our partnership with Window Tint School provides an in-depth training. Hüper Optik/ autobahn will offer Scholarships* to reduce the cost of training to qualifying Authorized Hüper Optik and autobahn Dealers.

5 dedicated class rooms for both auto and flat glass training

Train on auto or flat glass with Hüper Optik/autobahn films

Instruction Includes:

Product lines


Benefits of Window Film and different technologies – dyed, metal, carbon, ceramic, etc.

Heat Rejection demonstration and measurement

Complete set of installation tools

Breakfast and Lunch each day of instruction



You must be an employee of an Authorized Hüper Optik or autobahn dealer

Distributors must qualify attendee and sign attendee up here for Scholarship


Additional Costs to Attendee:

Transportation to Window Tint School



Window Tint School training for installers

320 Dundas Dr

Jacksonville, FL  32218

(904) 297-8468

Established Installers:

Installers with experience in heat shaping and installing film

Training is held in a designated local shop in various locations around the Region

Training is focused on Select and Ceramic films by Hüper Optik/autobahn

Contact your Distributor to find the next training available in your area.


Huper Optik Trade Show Package

Home Show in a Box!

The ordering process is simple and efficient.

No cost for the base package and ground shipping both ways is included.

Place your order through our marketing portal –


Contact us 888-296-3456 ext. 130  or
Package includes ground shipment to you and return to warehouse, items for rent and purchase:
Rental Items:

3 Pop-Up banners will provide back drop for 10′ x 10′ booth
1 Logo table cloth for 8′ Table
1 Gray Heat Demo with glass/film samples

Purchase Items:
100 Change the Way Flyers
50 Not all Films Brochure
10 Select DREI spec cards
10 Ceramic 40 spec cards
10 Ceramic 70 spec cards
1 each of All Flat Glass Spec cards

The Dealer may choose to increase his quantities of marketing materials for the show or add other items at additional cost.
All additional items will need to follow the current billing/payment process and will be resolved between Huper Optik order department and the Distributor.

◊ Contact your local Distributor for details

Huper Optik Names 2015 Dealers Of The Year

For Immediate Release

Houston, TX

Huper Optik USA, an industry leader in the window film industry, held their 2016 National Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, at the Bellagio hotel last week. The pioneer of the Multi-Layered Nano-Ceramic Window Film honored their National and Regional dealers of the year, along with recognizing their 2016 CORE members.

Four window film companies received the largest honors for their national successes in 2015. The Huper Optik Horizon Awards are given to dealers that have made the largest impact within the network as well as in sales over the last 12 months. This year’s Horizon Large Market Award was presented to Window Tint LA from California, and the national Horizon Small Market Award was presented to D&M Shutter and Blind, Inc., from Utah. The Huper Optik Synergy Awards are given to dealers nationally for going above and beyond in a lot more ways than just sales. This year’s Synergy Large Market Award was presented to Adams Window Tinting LLC from Oklahoma, while the national Synergy Small Market Award was presented to Blinds & Designs LLC. from North Carolina. When asked about award criteria, Huper Optik’s National Director of Business Development Harry Rahman stated, “Our awards don’t always go to the dealer that has the most purchases, they are given on a more holistic basis.”

Six more window film companies received Regional awards: Glas-Tint, LLC (New Jersey), All Pro Window Tinting (Georgia), Advanced Film Solutions (Florida), Sun Shade North Inc. (Michigan), Solar Art (California) and Suntech Glass Tinting (Houston).

The CORE (Circle of Regional Excellence) is made up of Huper Optik dealers that represent the voice of each region, and are the sounding board for new initiatives nationally. Huper Optik’s 2016 CORE dealers are Eric Hofer (XLNT Tint/Mid Atlantic), Todd Smith (TintSmith), Jeremy Shapiro (High Impact Glass Solutions), Dan Wubs (Clearview Solutions), Matt Darenzio (Solar Art) and Dave Kratz (Adams Window Tinting).

The meeting was Huper Optik’s largest meeting to date in its 16-year history. With a buildup of excitement brought on from new distributors, shorter ship times and the effort of adopting only industry leading practices to increase the brand experience for the end user, the Huper Optik dealer meeting set the stage for what is to come in 2016. “Our growth of over 25% in 2015, in our 16th year, is attributed to the growth of our dealers and their loyalty. Our 2016 initiative to focus on industry leading practices instead of the industry standard, is a way to show our appreciation to the dealers that have made us industry leaders,” said Harry Rahman, National Director of Business Development.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer, visit or contact


PRWEB Release: Huper Optik Names 2015 Dealers of the Year

Church in South Carolina Receives a Face-Lift With Exterior Tint

The gentlemen at All Pro Window Tinting out of Canton, GA  did a wonderful job on the Free Church located in Spartanburg, SC. The Church property manager did not like the look of the gold windows. All Pro provided the perfect solution with the Huper Optik Exterior Neutral 25 film. This gave the management staff the look they were trying to achieve at a 1/7th of the cost of replacing the glass, and the film adds an increase in performance for heat rejection inside the 18,000sq. ft. facility. The staff was very pleased with the result. Wonderful job All Pro!!


Huper Optik Announces Continued Expansion In Midwest With Service Group Distribution

For Immediate Release

Houston, TX

Huper Optik recently announced their expansion into the Northeast United States with Tubelite Distributors, and now announces another expansion, this time in the Midwest with Service Group Distribution. Since the relaunching of the Huper Optik USA website to focus on educating consumers on what window tint can do for them, there has been an incredible increase in the awareness of window tint for commercial and residential properties all across the country. In recent months the lightly tapped Midwest has seen a tremendous increase in requests for window tint in all categories. With distribution partners continuing to be the biggest part of Huper Optik’s effort to grow, they have decided to expand the territory with dedicated sales staff to further pursue the abundance of opportunities in the Midwest.

Service Group Distribution (SGD) is a global supplier of automotive, security and energy efficient products and services. They have a large product portfolio including solar control skylight paint, vinyl graphics films, vehicle wrap films, automotive paint protection film, vehicle fuel and oil systems cleaning chemicals just to name a few.

We look forward to the addition of Service Group Distribution in their expansion in the Midwest as a strategic part of the growth of Hüper Optik USA.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer visit or contact

FIA International Business Expo – Peru – Huper Optik Latin America

Huper Optik Latin America’ s Business Development Manager Jorge Torres recently visited our newest distributor Audio Hertz E.I.R.L and lent a helpin hand at the FIA International Business Expo in Arequipa, Peru. where they were exhibiting.


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