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30 Years of Quality Products and Services in the Window Tint Industry

It wasn’t by mistake that this dealer got involved in window film. Stuck in traffic due to an accident on a hot Texas day circa 1987, Marty Johnson sat in his car while his son was getting sunburned in the back seat. This triggered Marty to start doing research and found window film to fix this problem. Marty has now been in the industry for 30 years and stays inspired by the challenges the industry faces. Glass has only gotten better over the years. This poses a little more of a challenge when selling film but Marty sees his way through it and still manages to complete difficult sales.

Marty has had many achievements in his career and he enjoys the little things like smiling with clients with whom he did installations for 25+ years ago. The fact that this is his 30th anniversary in the industry is amazing! Marty says “making it through the lean times, providing for his family and being able to say I didn’t fold is what makes him proudest”.

“…slow down and turn on the perfect switch”

Finding installers that have the same work ethic as Marty has always been a huge challenge for him. Employee training and development is what Marty believes helped him reach 30 years and is always telling his installers to take your time “slow down and turn on the perfect switch.” It’s not about getting in and out of a job, it’s about the quality and customer service you provide. Which is why he likes to say “Quality is inspiration.”

This motto is one of the reasons Marty was initially attracted to The Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic Window Film. The optical clarity was unmatched to anything he was carrying, The 15 year warranty gives him the peace of mind that the film and the brand would not disappoint him years down the road and the support from other dealers in and outside of his market has helped support his growth. Marty says “you’re not just a number, which is how I felt with the other brands I was carrying”.

Marty contributes to the Huper Optik Dealer Network by providing his experiences and insights when other dealers call on him. Marty will be the first to tell you he takes advantage of the collaboration of the Huper Optik network of dealers with round table sessions at the national and regional meetings. He recognizes all dealers are in the same boat, so why not share the challenges you may be facing; it helps everyone from the dealer right up to the manufacturer. Huper Optik has established The U Learning Center to further serve the growth of the network.

 “We do what we say we’re going to do, and do it right the first time.”

Ask Marty what he believes Fine Line Glass Tinting is known for and he will tell you “Doing it right the first time.” Something his dad taught him when he was a child, and something that he instills in his whole team. If he tells a client he will be there at nine, he will be there at nine. “We do what we say we’re going to do, and do it right the first time.” Clients sometimes ask if he will be coming by to inspect the finished job. He replies, “if I have to inspect every job then I need to go find some different guys!”

“I rather my customers look me in the eye, we shake hands and say we got a deal!”

It’s not by accident Marty is celebrating his 30th anniversary owning his own company. He is focused on quality when it comes to his business, the product he sells, and most importantly making sure the customer receives that quality and is more than satisfied with his service and their product.


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