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Case Study: Network Collaboration Leads To Commercial Success

Faced with losing tenants due to complaints about excessive heat and increased glare coming through the facility’s windows, Los Angeles’ famed Beverly Center management had their back against the wall. Both tenants and consumers were feeling the extreme heat the building’s windows were allowing in, causing for unhappy consumers and tenants due to lost business.

Management at the Beverly Center needed a quick and inexpensive solution before they started losing tenants, consumers and revenue. Facility officials were introduced to Hüper Optik window films and thought this would be the perfect solution. Installing Hüper Optik’s Select Sech commercial window film on all of the buildings’ outward facing glass, would reduce the heat entering the building by about 60%. This would also keep management from having to completely replace all of the windows, which would cost three times as much money, and ten times as much time.

The high heat rejected by the Hüper Optik Select Sech Window Film allowed for a more comfortable shopping experience for consumers, and prevented tenants from moving out of the facility. The Beverly Center’s unique signature views did not change, and the facility’s monthly utility bills were significantly reduced, allowing commercial chillers to operate even more efficiently.

With a job this large, Manny Almeida of ClearView Sun Control knew he could not do it alone, so he called on the Huper Optik Network’s most skillful west coast dealers to assist him. Here is Manny’s Hüper Optik West Coast ‘Dream Team’ that worked with him on the Beverly Center installation:

Window Innovations, Steve Clark of Brentwood, CA
Songs Tint Masters, Hann Kim of Los Angeles, CA
Solar Shield, Brian Malone of Central Point, OR
Protective Glass Coatings, Joey Jones of San Diego, CA


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