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Case Study: Royal Caribbean Maximizes Fuel Efficiency Installing Hüper Optik Tint

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Since the Wright brothers’ first flight and the creation of the Ford motor car, all vehicles have been using fuels that are damaging to the environment. We continue to search for viable clean fuels that will allow us to travel to the neighborhood store or around the world. Unfortunately, for the moment, we must continue to use these harmful fuels and pay the steadily rising price for it per barrel and via our ozone.

The Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Facility Management Team was searching for a solution to save energy, and impact energy efficiency with an environmentally friendly product. Faced with the challenges of preserving views, along with attempting to achieve their objectives, one of Royal Caribbeans’ options was to replace the glass on all vessels. Fortunately, instead of replacing 500,000 sq. ft. of glass, Hüper Optik Ceramic 40 and Ceramic 50 window tints (or window film, as industry insiders call it) were installed for one tenth the cost of replacing the glass.

The Hüper Optik Window Film allowed Royal Caribbean to achieve their set goals impacting energy efficiency by saving energy, and reducing fuel consumption. This saved on costs while doing it in an environmentally friendly manner. Twenty-three vessels had film installed, which also helped to reduce the fading of carpets and upholstery, lowered surface temperatures by over 9 degrees Fahrenheit, and kept cabins cooler and more comfortable.


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