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2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil: The 12 Stadiums Hosting The World

In keeping with the spirit of the 2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil, here’s a look at the 12 stadiums that were built and/or remodeled for the most watched sporting event in the world. The architecture of some of these buildings is amazing! Arena Corinthians and Arena Amazonia are breathtaking! Also, with the first weekend of matches in the books, see the updated scores for the upsets and victories that occurred in just the first four days of the tournament.


CITY: Rio de Janeiro
STADIUM: Maracana (capacity 73,531)
HOME TO: Fluminense FC and CR Flamengo

  The Maracana - Back in the day   Maracana stadium - 2014 fifa world cup brazil
People living outside of Brazil know Rio de Janeiro for its amazing beaches, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer statue. However,  those who know football know that the newly rebuilt Maracana stadium is the historic site where Uruguay beat Brazil, on their home field, in the 1930 World Cup final.

June 15, 2014     23:00     Argentina 2 v Bosnia-Herzegovina 1 – Group F
June 18, 2014     23:00     Spain 0 v Chile 2 – Group B
June 22, 2014     23:00     Belgium 1 v Russia 0 – Group H
June 25, 2014     21:00     Ecuador 0 v France 0 – Group E
June 28, 2014     21:00     Winner Group C v Runner-up Group D
July 4, 2014         21:00     Quarter-finals
July 13, 2014       20:00 Final


CITY: Sao Paulo
Arena Corinthians (capacity 65,000)
Corinthians stadium - artist rendering - world cup brazil    Corinthians stadium - 2014 fifa world cup brazil
The birthplace of football (Sao Paulo) was given the honor of hosting the first match of the 2014 World Cup that featured host Brazil v. Croatia. The match was a great opener to start of  what has been a brilliant tournament thus far. Though many say the win was a controversial one for the Brazilians, you cannot fault the ref, he made the right call. The angle in which he was when Naymar Jr. was slightly pulled down to the ref clearly looked like a foul and he was deserving of the penalty kick.

June 12, 2014     21:00     Brazil 3 v Croatia 1 – Group A
June 19, 2014     20:00     Uruguay 2 v England 1 – Group D
June 23, 2014     17:00     Netherlands 2 v Chile 0 – Group B
June 26, 2014     21:00     Korea Republic 0 v Belgium 1 – Group H
July 1, 2014         17:00     Winner Group F v Runner-up Group E
July 9, 2014         21:00     Semi-Final


CITY: Brasilia
Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha (capacity: 68,009)
Brasília Futebol Clube
Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha - 2014 fifa world cup brazil    Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha - 2014 world cup
This stadium takes its name from Brazilian football icon Garrincha. The country’s capitol city is Brasilia, and this newly built stadium is home to the Brasília Futebol Clube.

une 15, 2014     17:00     Switzerland 2 v Ecuador 1 – Group E
June 19, 2014     17:00     Colombia 2 v Ivory Coast 1 – Group C
June 23, 2014     21:00     Cameroon 1 v Brazil 4 – Group A
June 26, 2014     17:00     Portugal 2 v Ghana 1 – Group G
June 30, 2014     17:00     Winner Group E v Runner-up Group F
July 5, 2014         17:00     Quarter-finals
July 12, 2014       21:00     Third place match


CITY: Fortaleza
Estadio Castelao (capacity: 58,704)
Ceara SC and Ferroviario AC
Estadio Castelao - 2014 world cup
The Fortaleza stadium has been given a face-lift for the World Cup. Brazil with take on Mexico in their second group game. Being a coastal city you can find some of the best seafood in Fortaleza.

June 14, 2014     20:00     Uruguay 1 v Costa Rica 3 – Group D
June 17, 2014     20:00     Brazil 0 v Mexico 0 – Group A
June 23, 2014     20:00     Germany 2 v Ghana 2 – Group G
June 24, 2014     21:00     Greece 2 v Ivory Coast 1 – Group C
June 29, 2014     17:00     Winner Group B v Runner-up Group A
July 4, 2014         21:00     Quarter-final


CITY: Belo Horizonte
Estadio Mineirao (capacity: 57,483)
Cruzeiro Esporte Clube
Estadio Mineirao - 2014 fifa world cup brazil
Since winning the hosting duties of the world’s biggest sporting event, Brazil has given some of its current stadiums a makeover. The Estadio Mineirao in Belo Horizonte was one of those stadiums chosen to get an upgrade. Expect to be wowed as you enter this awesome structure. From a fan’s perspective Belo Horizonte is more affordable than Rio but it is about an hour flight from city to city. Travelers, make sure you have a plan, winging it is not advised.

June 14, 2014     17:00     Colombia 3 v Greece 0 – Group C
June 17, 2014     17:00     Belgium 2 v Algeria 1 – Group H
June 21, 2014     17:00     Argentina 1 v Iran 0 – Group F
June 24, 2014     17:00     Costa Rica 0 v England 0 – Group D
June 28, 2014     17:00     Winner Group A v  Runner-up Group B
July 8, 2014         21:00    Semi-final


CITY: Porto Alegre
Estadio Beira-Rio (capacity: 48,849)
Sport Club Internacional
Estadio Beira-Rio - 2014 fifa world cup brazil    Estadio Beira-Rio - brazil
You want to talk about architecture, ok, let’s talk about the Estadio Beira-Rio. This stadium is so visually appealing, it’s incredible! The contrast of the green pitch and the white used on the structure is stunning. If you plan on watching the France v. Honduras game live (as its looks to be a good one) be sure to come armed with an umbrella. The subtropical climate of Porto Alegre  has been know to bless the city with rain quite often.

June 15, 2014     20:00     France 3 v Honduras 0 – Group E
June 18, 2014     17:00     Australia 2 v Netherlands 3 – Group B
June 22, 2014     17:00     Korea Republic 2 v Algeria 4 – Group H
June 25, 2014     17:00     Nigeria 2 v Argentina 3 – Group F
June 30, 2014     21:00     Winner Group G v Runner-up Group H


CITY: Recife
: Arena Pernambuco (capacity: 44,248)
Arena Pernambuco - 2014 world cup    Arena Pernambuco - fifa world cup
If there was any community that has a love for its city, teams, and the sport of football, its Recife. The football fans of this town can rival sport loving cities like New England, London and Dallas. This is a new stadium built for the World Cup but will be home to three legendary Brazillian FCs, Santa Cruz, Nautico and Sport.

June 14, 2014     23:00     Côte D’Ivoire 2 v Japan 1 – Group C
June 20, 2014     17:00     Italy 0 v Costa Rica 1 – Group D
June 23, 2014     21:00     Croatia 1 v Mexico 3 – Group A
June 26, 2014     17:00     USA 0 v Germany 1 – Group G
June 29, 2014      21:00     Winner Group D v Runner-up Group C


CITY: Salvador
Arena Fonte Nova (capacity: 52,048)
EC Bahia and EC Vitoria
Arena Fonte Nova - 2014 fifa world cup brazil    Arena Fonte Nova - brazil
The Arena Fonte Nova in Salvador is not just a stadium…it’s an entertainment complex. This stadium has  a restaurant that boasts panoramic views, shops, hotels, a museum of football and a concert hall. It’s its own mini city. Incredible! This building will be lit up and buzzing long after the World Cup is over. Salvador is a northeastern city so it will be humid. For fans attending the games, be sure to keep hydrated.

June 13, 2014     21:00     Spain 1 v Netherlands 5 – Group B
June 16, 2014     18:00     Germany 4 v Portugal 0 – Group G
June 20, 2014     21:00     Switzerland 2 v France 5 – Group E
June 25, 2014     18:00     Bosnia-Herzegovina 3 v Iran 1 – Group F
July 1, 2014         18:00     Winner Group H v Runner-up Group G
July 5, 2014         22:00     Quarter-final


CITY: Cuiaba
: Arena Pantanal (capacity: 42,968)
Cuiaba EC and Mixto EC
Arena Pantanal - 2014 fifa world cup brazil    Arena Pantanal - world cup brazil
Cuiaba, the “Green City,” which is surrounded by a national park, is located south of the Amazon but close enough that they share the same climate. So sitting (or probably standing and cheering) in the Arena Pantanal will be hot and humid. However, you’re not going to want to miss the Russia v. Korea or Japan v. Colombia games, those are sure to be great games.

June 13, 2014     23:00     Chile 3 v Australia 1 – Group B
June 17, 2014     23:00     Russia 1 v Korea Republic 1 – Group H
June 21, 2014     23:00     Nigeria 1 v Bosnia-Herzegovina 0 – Group F
June 24, 2014     21:00     Japan 1 v Colombia 4 – Group C


CITY: Manaus
Arena Amazonia (capacity: 42,374)
Nacional FC, Fast Club and Rio Negro
Arena Amazonia - 2014 fifa world cup brazil    Arena Amazonia - in progress
Arena Amazonia, which is probably one of the most beautiful stadiums of the 12 that will host the World Cup, stands right in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. The city is no Recife when it comes to the love of the game, but World Cup Brazil organizers’ goal was to spread the games throughout the entire country. Some feel this stadium will be the white elephant of the event once this is over. However, this stadium being surrounded by the rainforest makes it unique, which may draw more use especially as a neutral site future matches.

June 14, 2014     02:00     England 1 v Italy 2 – Group D
June 18, 2014     20:00     Cameroon 0 v Croatia 4 – Group A
June 22, 2014     20:00     USA 2 v Portugal 2 – Group G
June 25, 2014     21:00     Honduras 0 v  Switzerland 3 – Group E


CITY: Natal
Estadio das Dunas (capacity: 42,086)
America FC
Estadio das Dunas - 2014 fifa world cup    Estadio das Dunas - 2014 fifa world cup brazil
The flower of the 12 stadiums, the Estadio das Dunas’s roof was designed to mimic petals of a flower. Amazing how design inspiration can come from anywhere. Natal, or Sun City as many call it, boast year round perfect 82ºF weather and arguably the country’s best beaches.

June 13, 2014     17:00     Mexico 1 v  Cameroon 0 – Group A
June 16, 2014     23:00     Ghana 1 v USA 2 – Group G
June 19, 2014     23:00     Japan 0 v  Greece 0 – Group C
June 24, 2014     17:00     Italy 0 v  Uruguay 1 – Group D


CITY: Curitiba
Arena da Baixada (capacity: 41,456)
Atletico Paranaense
Arena da Baixada - fifa world cup brazil    Arena da Baixada - 2014 fifa world cup brazil
Built in 1914, Arena da Baixada might be the oldest stadium of the 12 chosen to host the World Cup, and has been given a face lift twice. Being refurbished instead of completely rebuilt tells you a little about the historic importance of the stadium and what it means to the southern Brazilian city. Due to  its location, Arena da Baixada may boast the best climate conditions of the games with temperatures expected to stay around 77ºF with no humidity. Fans will undoubtedly be buzzing around Curitiba.

June 16, 2014     20:00     Iran 0 v Nigeria 0 – Group F
June 20, 2014     23:00     Honduras 1 v Ecuador 2 – Group E
June 23, 2014     17:00     Australia 0 v Spain 3 – Group B
June 26, 2014     21:00     Algeria 1 v Russia 1 – Group H


A few of these stadiums have quite a bit of glass incorporated into their structure. All could have benefited from using Huper Optik window film to keep the heat out. The Huper Select Drei’s incredibly high heat rejection would have been amazing and saved them money on their electricity.



Stadium statistics and images courtesy of

Scores have been updated as of the end of the group stage of the World Cup.

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