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Window-Break Worries? Shield Series Window Films Can Help

Make Every Window a Safeguard with Shield Series Films

Windows are an essential feature of any building. They offer a view of the outside world, or a glimpse inside to those passing by the exterior.

But they can also be a vulnerability, and a weak point of any facility. Windows are prime targets for forcible entry from vandals, and glass panes can also shatter during natural disasters leading to even more danger.

People use a lot of solutions in an attempt to secure their windows. But overly heavy panes or unsightly shutters aren’t the only answers. Shield film can absorb the impact of attempted forcible entry, excessive winds, debris, and even explosions to cradle the glass and control the mess around the exposed opening.

The Dangers of Windows – A Necessary Evil?

Windows have always seemed like a give-and-take feature of a building. While they give a lot in terms of aesthetics and visibility, they also pose certain risks.

For years, building owners have looked for ways to get around the problem of a window being shattered by natural or human causes. A storm could send shards flying at a building’s occupants, whereas a shattered pane could be a thief’s point of entry when the door is securely locked.

There are workaround solutions for these problems. Some people cover their windows with bars or heavy shutters, while others buy bulky and expensive panes that can sometimes still fail under certain circumstances.

Shield series window films offer stable, reliable protection in multiple events that could cause a breakage. 

Storm, Blast, and Smash Protection

Every location has its own distinct weather patterns – many of which can be damaging. High winds, hail, and even earthquakes can all cause windows to shatter, posing a danger for anyone nearby.

There’s also the possibility that an electrical failure or flammable material could cause an explosion, which could fracture the pane as well. And of course, any would-be burglar sees a window as a potential doorway if they have a blunt object or sizable rock nearby.

Shield films function like a solid net, holding the pieces of a broken window in as good a formation as the break will allow while stopping shards from scattering around nearby. For any facility that’s had a broken window, this type of safety precaution is wise to consider.

How Else Can Shield Protect the User?

When windows are protected from shattering and sending shards flying, owners have a lesser chance of incurring liability in the event their windows give way.

Thieves may also be deterred after attempting a break in, and upon finding the spider-web of glass staring back at them and not allowing them to enter. Since most thieves like a clean entry to minimize their chance of being found, this can be enough to cause them to flee in some cases or at the very least slow them down.

Windows may present some vulnerabilities, but protection exists – Huper Optik’s Shield series can help any building owner fortify their windows with a light, easy-to-use accessory.


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