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Why Choose Huper Optik’s Residential Films

Huper Optik Films Offer More Protection, Cooling, and Durability Than Competing Models

The type of window film a person uses is like the kind of house they prefer to live in – its subjective and comes down to personal preference more than anything.

But virtually everyone wants to get the most for their money. This is especially true when they purchase something important for long-term use, like a protective window film. While there are many choices out there, only Huper Optik’s models offer the rejection, reflection, and cooling capabilities people want in a single product.

Residential window films are a simple modification, but they can have a big impact on how comfortable and convenient a building is to live in. Whether it’s a home, apartment complex, or some other type of residential facility, investing in quality window films can make a big difference.

The First Patented Window Film – Built for Quality

Huper Optik’s window films are an innovative line in the industry. These patented models offer some of the first ever solutions for keeping an overabundance of rays and heat out of a home.

Some films offer one perk or the other. They’re either designed to minimize reflections for improved visibility, keep heat from gathering inside a building, or they’re based around infrared rejection. However, Huper Optik’s residential window films focus on all these features.

This makes them a more holistic solution that can provide a greater return on investment. For the buyer who is looking to improve their home while being smart with their money, this can be a very efficient solution.

More Infrared Rejection, Less Light Reflection

Keeping the heat out of a residential building is important for keeping it comfortable. Even with fans, air conditioners, and facility-wide cooling systems in place, owners want to keep as much heat out as possible. Not only does it make their place of residence more hospitable, but it helps them save on energy costs as well.

Huper Optik’s residential window films offer three-times as much infrared rejection is competitors’ films. But films that block the sun’s rays to any degree usually come with an unfortunate side-effect – they can reflect rays, which presents some problems with visibility.

These films offer four-times less reflectivity than competing models, ensuring passing individuals outside aren’t blinded by the glare. This can also reduce the chance that a glare will reflect back to the inside and cause the residents trouble when they want to look outside.

Cooler and More Durable Than the Competition

Residential window films are designed to help control heat’s entry through a building’s windows, meaning superior cooling is the desired result.

These films are 13 degrees cooler than the competitors, providing hard data buyers can go off in their goal to cool their home. But there’s another big question about a product of this type – how long does it last?

Despite being film, a product many would expect to be subject to wear and tear, this line is 25-times as durable as the competition. For buyers who want to get the most for their money, these films are a great long-term choice.


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