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Why Buildings Need Solar-Glare Protection

4 Reasons Buildings Should Guard Against Solar Glare

If given the option, most people would choose to have their building in a sunny area as opposed to a cloudy or dreary one.

The sun can make any facility feel brighter and more active, as rays can both warm the location and make it appear a little brighter. While these are the good effects of the sun, there are some negative effects to consider as well.

Solar glare is one of the more annoying issues that can result from heavy sun coverage overhead. Rays can reflect off certain surfaces or come directly down through windows, causing eye strain and difficulty seeing out of windows. Here are four reasons every facility should guard their windows against solar glare.

Why Solar Glare Should Be Guarded Against

  1. Solar Glare Makes It Hard to See Outside

Almost everyone has had the frustrating experience of walking to their window, pulling back the blinds, and attempting to take a look outside – only to be caught off guard by harsh rays. One of the main purposes of windows is to provide visibility to the outside world. But solar glare can make it impossible to look out a window without dealing with eye strain.

  1. The Glare Can Make People Uncomfortable

Solar glare can impact people inside and outside of a building. The reflection of light can make people uncomfortable, and make them think twice about going around that location. For homeowners, this can mean guests may become uncomfortable due to the presence of harsh rays through windows. For business owners, it can mean causing customers or employees to have a negative experience. In either case, solar glare can make people think twice about visiting or sticking around a facility.

  1. Severe Glare Can Cause Eye Injuries

When people are exposed to the sun’s rays, especially near the eyes, their first instinct is almost automatically to turn away or shield their eyes with their hand. But intense sun activity doesn’t need long to cause damage. Under certain conditions, solar glare can cause serious eye injuries. Especially among those with sensitive eyes, even momentary exposure to the sun’s rays at an intense level can cause harm.

  1. Solar Glare is Easy to Guard Against

Though a serious problem, solar glare is relatively easy to guard against. One of the main reasons building owners should consider protecting their location is related to how easy this protection is to apply. Window films can help people ensure their building’s windows won’t reflect or allow intense rays to pass through.

Protection for All Types of Buildings

Solar glare is a problem that no one wants to deal with. This annoying and frustrating effect of being in a sunny area is now something people can avoid. No matter how big or small the building is, or how it is designed, film can be placed over windows to stop glare. This can help any facility create a safer and more comfortable location where they can enjoy the sunshine without worry.

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