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What is Energy Modeling? Why is it Useful?

Unsure About Window Films? Try Energy Modeling First

It’s no secret that the right window film can help a person keep excess sunlight from bombarding them through the windows.

It may also be fair to say most people see the environmental benefits of adopting window films in addition to their economic perks. But while these may be safe statements, things get a lot less certain when it comes time to actually choose, order, and apply films.

Why is this? Because anyone who is using a window film to mitigate excess sunlight likely wants to know exactly how much they’ll benefit. There’s a danger in getting less-than-optimal films, but there’s also a concern about getting too much protection and spending more than you can recoup.

What’s the solution? 

Energy modeling. 

By measuring and analyzing a location, window film specialists can determine what types of films may be best for a building to help the owner reach their goals. 

Why Every Building’s Needs Are Different

Architecture is something that can bring custom creations from the draft phase right into reality. Even if builders use the same plans for a set of buildings, each one is unique in its own way.

The physical dimensions, number of floors, amount of windows and their distance apart, plus many other factors all play a role in the building’s temperature. Anyone who is looking to keep their building cooler and reduce air conditioning bills knows they need to invest in window films – but what kind? And how many?

These are just a couple of the questions a person may ask when they’re in the market for these products. 

The short answer is there is no short answer. 

In order to get real data that can be used for moving projects forward, a person may want to look into energy modeling.

What is Energy Modeling? How Does it Work?

Experts who understand window films and the benefits they offer can also provide assessments of what kind of films a building may need.

Energy modeling involves taking measurements and going off analytics when equipping a building with window films. This process is done before the films are installed and afterwards – follow up analysis can help with making sure the films are performing well. It can also reveal if any changes need to be made.

Starting a window film installation with energy modeling can help people make sure they get the most value for their money.

For New and Established Buildings Alike

Whether a person is looking for window films on a building that’s been around for years or they want to outfit a new structure, energy modeling can be helpful.

Energy modeling can allow new buildings to generate more value from the start and can help existing buildings improve their energy efficiency. Through the use of the right films in the right places, it is possible to make any building more cost-efficient and hospitable.

Looking to the professionals allows a person to get the data they need to drive a window film installation project properly and know they’re getting the best fit for their unique need.

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