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Case Study: Texas Citizens Bank

Texas Citizens Bank, is a boutique private bank in the Houston area with six locations. Employees of all six free standing structures complained of the high exposure to the western sun. This resulted in all locations closing their blinds on the western facing walls, which is a security risk for financial institutions. To improve comfort from the heat and enhance visibility from the suns glare, Texas Citizens Bank turned to EES Consulting, an energy efficiency solutions firm that provides turn-key energy efficiency and sustainability solutions to one and two story light commercial and industrial businesses. EES Consulting assessed Texas Citizens Bank’s buildings firsthand, and then implemented energy efficient solutions in several locations.

A Customized Solution

As part of the customized solution EES Consulting recommended, was the installation of energy efficient Huper Optik Ceramic 40 Window Film on the banks western facing windows. The resulting financial benefits of this solution were twofold, reducing costs in kilowatts per hour and a reduction in the heat load on the HVAC unit increases the lifetime of the equipment. The less heat that penetrates the banks’ windows, the less work and energy the HVAC unit will have to do to keep each building cool.

Big savings

Before the implementation of EES Consulting’s customized solutions, Texas Citizens Bank was consuming an average of 9,596 kWh per month. After the window film installation improvement, the bank averaged 8,061kWh, a 16 percent decrease for a cost savings of over $1,800.

Mike Cornett, President and Organizing Director, was extremely pleased with EES Consulting’s professionalism, and has recommended EES to many of the bank’s clients.

“The air conditioning units were running full steam ahead prior to the filming just to maintain a comfortable temperature in the lobby and in the offices with western sun exposure,” said Cornett. “We were able to throttle those thermostats back and keep it on a normal temperature. It has just helped out immensely.”
“Without fail, every one of the clients that we’ve referred EES to have been very pleased with them,” he said.

Energy efficiency improvements can positively impact business’ financials. However, in this case that was just a bonus. Mike’s primary goal for the energy efficiency improvements were to make his bank more comfortable for his customers and employees. After the installation, the banks were able to turn their thermostats to a normal temperature without worrying the heat coming in through the windows.

By working with EES Consulting, Texas Citizens Bank was able to reduce costs, increase comfort, improve the customer experience and diminish their impact on the environment.

Project at a Glance:

Annual kWh Savings
12,430 kWh
Annual Dollar Savings
Energy Consumption Reduction
Carbon Footprint Reduction
29,552 lbs.
5.68 years
Simple ROI

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