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Case Study: Ritz-Carlton Charlotte

The Ritz-Carlton luxury hotels pride themselves on providing an exceptional guest experience. They operate some of the finest hotel properties in the world focusing on providing luxury, and have found they do not need to compromise the luxury to achieve environmental standards.

The Ritz-Carlton Charlotte designed a LEED Gold property and is constantly looking for ways to decrease the environmental impact without compromising luxury.

To improve the efficiency of their HVAC and enhance their guests’ comfort, The Ritz-Carlton chose to install Hüper Optik’s Patented Nano-Ceramic Window film. This provided an aggressive Return on Investment of less than 4 years. With the added incentives offered through Utility Company rebates, the ROI was reduced to around 2 years.

Lawrence Hindle, Director of Engineering for The Ritz-Carlton says, “I have seen many benefits of using Hüper Optik window film products including Ceramic 35, Ceramic 30 and Ceramic 40, including a very good ROI for utility savings, increased guest comfort and by extending our asset life while improving views from our facilities.” “Mr. Kishi (Huper Optik Authorized Dealer) has always lived up to his promises, is extremely professional, and has a wonderful work ethic and integrity. I have entrusted facilities to Keith and his teams in excess of $400 million and Keith always performs.”

The LEED Gold certification is a distinction awarded The Ritz Carlton Charlotte by achieving the criteria set by the U.S. Green Build Council for environmental stewardship. This award is the culmination of the design and focus of The Ritz Carlton Charlotte in using a sustainable design and efficient use of resources to help protect our environment.

The installation of Hüper Optik Nano-Ceramic films offered an 8% reduction in overall energy use on this property without changing the look of the existing glass.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer visit or contact

 Images courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton Charlotte

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