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Six Easy Steps to Help You Select the Best Window Film for Your Car, Home or Office

So you’ve decided to invest in energy efficiency through window film….great! Here are a few
helpful tips to ensure that you get the highest ROI, and the best product for your home, car or office.

1. Review product specifications and cross check them with the National Fenestration Rating
Council (NFRC): an independent rating authority that is not affiliated with any window film
manufacturer or distributor. Examples of product specifications include: Visible Light
Transmission, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, and Glare Reduction.

2. Determine what solutions you want window film to provide. Do you need to reduce fading
and glare? Do you need to save energy, or look at a less expensive option than glass
replacement? Be candid about your expectations, so the company you choose can exceed

3. Use social media as a resource, while you research products online. What can you find out
about the product or company in the blogosphere? A great deal, both positive and negative,
but this is all part of determining the best window film choice for you.

4. Be prepared with a list of questions, before your estimate appointment. Ask each window
film company to bring and install samples on windows that get direct sun, and note how
willing the representative is to go into detail regarding the film. You want a company that will
consult with you on the right film for your energy goals, not focus on just the sales

5. Ask for references. Whether you are considering window film for your home or business,
before you select a company, ask for commercial or residential references. Reputable
companies are happy to do this.

6. Ask about any tax incentives, federal, state or local, that you are eligible for with the
installation of window film. These and other incentives from your utility company could help
pay for the cost of window film installation, giving you a better ROI.

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