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Nanoceramic Sun Protection for Boat Windows

Industry-Leading Nanoceramic Films Shine in Marine Applications

The term shine can be used in multiple senses – there’s the glare of the sun, then there’s an exceeding performance.

Anyone who loves a marine atmosphere undoubtedly knows about the former. Beaming sun can get a little excessive, mixing with humidity to create a stifling environment. 

Every clear day without a cloud in the sky poses the chance of heating up a boater’s journey onto the ocean or lake. The sun beams right through the windows and, in many cases, can make the interior feel like an oven.

General films and covers can limit visibility, or falter under the harsh aquatic environment. However, the nanoceramic design of Huper Optik’s protective window films can really shine in the performance sense of the word. 

The Downfall of a Sunny Day

Boat owners know the relaxing feel of being on the water, whether their purpose for being there involves, fishing, water sports, or just casual sailing. 

Sunlight is usually a good thing for boaters. However, even that can have diminishing returns. Too much sun can function as a natural heater, coming through windows and forcing the temperature up. This can even cause any onboard ventilation systems to work harder, and even wear down quicker.

There’s also the problem of having sun in your eyes while piloting a boat – or even while trying to enjoy the scenery of a placid body of water. 

Rather than be forced outside on the cabin or forced off the water until clouds are in the forecast, boat owners can instead use a simple window modification to beat the heat. 

How Do Nanoceramic Films Work?

Window films may seem like a relatively homogenous product. This is because they all serve the same purpose – keep the heat and the sun glare out.

Nanoceramic films are scientifically engineered to provide varying levels of transmission and reflection for visible light. Each film also has a certain amount of infrared and UV rejection. This gives the buyer more control over just how much sun they want to let into their boat’s cabin.

Unlike other coverings, these films are precise in that each variant controls a bit more of the solar activity found in marine applications. Areas with higher temperatures and clearer days may need higher-performing films, where as some boat owners could get by with lesser protection.

But any window film used in the marine environment needs another quality – durability.

Engineered for Performance in the Field

Marine applications are rough on any type of material. The sunlight, the salt water, the aquatic debris – these all add up, or rather take away, from a boat’s exterior.

This means any protective window film has a challenge ahead when its used on the water. Huper Optik’s films are designed specifically for marine environments, providing nanoceramic protection from sun in a product built to withstand the aquatic elements.

Protective films can reduce glares and overheating, all while staying strong in the harsh, demanding marine environment.


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