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Home window tinting is no longer discretionary, but necessary

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish which is discretionary and which is necessary. When we speak of Necessary in the context of Home Window Tinting, we mean that it is essential. Essential in the sense that without it, we cannot be safe from the harmful effect of the intense heat of the Sun and its UV rays that causes skin cancer, a humid home or office environment, high air- conditioning costs, home interior decor damage and other worst effect of the destructive heat and UV rays from the Sun.

Now the question is, are we really safe from the destructive heat of the Sun everyday even without a window tint film installed in our house? Based on the statement of the Hughston Health Alert, there are approximately 175 to 1,250 deaths caused by the heat of the Sun every year in the U.S. The appalling reality is that there is a lack of knowledge today on when and how these injuries happen. How they can be treated is another issue of these heat deaths.

We know and in fact we already feel and experience the intense heat of the Sun every day, and we don’t want our family to be exposed to this danger especially when they are at home, because if there is a place that we consider to be safe, it should be our home. When our home is filled with stagnant humid air due to the heat of the Sun that penetrates inside our house, then cooling becomes less effective. When this happens it poses risks to our health.

With this health issue being raised nowadays due to the extremely intense heat from the Sun, Huper Optik Window Film Technology has responded to the need to keep our home safe from the dreadful heat of the Sun. Huper Optik has created a window film based on nano-technology that resulted in a smarter solar control resolution; a result that even surpasses the expectation of comfort and security by every homeowner and real estate holder. On the other hand, this modern window film technology offers a simple and fast installation that reduces the average cost of installation compared to other window films available on the market.

Nano-ceramic Huper Optik Window Film reduces the infra red build up in homes and decreases the UV rays penetration into our house that causes fading of colors in our home interiors decor and build up of humidity inside our house. With this non reflective window film the view from the outside during the day is obscured making us more secure from the public view. With a controlled and lesser humidity build up in our home there is a lower cooling load on our air conditioning unit making our air conditioning costs even lower from when there is no Huper Optik Window Film installed on our home windows.

When things become necessary, it is not enough for you to be convinced by the fact. But you have to experience it and see the difference Home Window Film can give to you and your family at home. Act now and call us to put you in contact with your nearest Huper Optik Dealer.

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