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Huper Optik USA is the world leader in nanoceramic window films across multiple applications. Let us help you create the perfect window.

Huper Optik makes a big splash in the marine industry with its nano-ceramic films.

We offer a new brochure to enhance your sales in the marine environment. This brochure is ideal to leave in the marine boat yard, Harbor office or Yacht Club counter.

Marine Window Tinting

It highlights the advantages of the Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic window film for boats.

Whether it solves:

Reduction in glare to improve navigation during the day

Reduction of heat to make the cabin more comfortable on the hottest days

Reduce the shine on the glass to help night time maneuvering in port

The proven durability of Huper Optik ceramic films will last for the life of your boat. See our complete warranty for details.

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The Strength is in our Network

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Hüper Optik is an Industry Standard Leading group of the best Professionals in our Industry.

Our Dealer Network Alliance (DNA) provides a very collaborative atmosphere of collective sharing of Best Business Practices to improve the growth and profitability of your business.

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Huper Optik Trade Show Package

Home Show in a Box!

The ordering process is simple and efficient.

No cost for the base package and ground shipping both ways is included.

Place your order through our marketing portal –


Contact us 888-296-3456 ext. 130  or
Package includes ground shipment to you and return to warehouse, items for rent and purchase:
Rental Items:

3 Pop-Up banners will provide back drop for 10′ x 10′ booth
1 Logo table cloth for 8′ Table
1 Gray Heat Demo with glass/film samples

Purchase Items:
100 Change the Way Flyers
50 Not all Films Brochure
10 Select DREI spec cards
10 Ceramic 40 spec cards
10 Ceramic 70 spec cards
1 each of All Flat Glass Spec cards

The Dealer may choose to increase his quantities of marketing materials for the show or add other items at additional cost.
All additional items will need to follow the current billing/payment process and will be resolved between Huper Optik order department and the Distributor.

◊ Contact your local Distributor for details

Adams Window Tinting Increases Sales With Spike by ike GPS

Since purchasing Oklahoma City-based Adams Window Tinting in 2003, owners David and Jeanne Kratz have been on a mission to grow the tint shop and put their own mark on this well-established business, which has been around since 1982. For David and Jeanne, this all came down to providing superior products with responsive customer service.

After representing other major film manufacturers in the industry for several years, David contacted Huper Optik about becoming a dealer for the Oklahoma City region; however, another dealer was already in the area. But that didn’t stop
David from trying, Jeanne says. David stayed in touch, and that persistence eventually paid off. When the other shop left the Huper Optik network, Huper Optik selected Adams Window Tinting as its new official dealer for the area.

“When we were offered the territory, we jumped at the chance,” Jeanne says. “Huper Optik’s products are top notch, and we discovered that the camaraderie among the Huper Optik network was a huge perk. Huper Optik dealers are so willing to help each other and treat each other like partners.”

Along with offering a high-quality product, Adams Window Tinting is dedicated to serving customers efficiently and professionally. However, Jeanne, who handles sales, saw room for improvement in the way she captured measurements during the estimating process, particularly on projects with multiple-story buildings. Jeanne recalls one project in which she had to measure windows for a seven-story building. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get into every room because people were working, so she stood outside and counted bricks for all seven stories. The experience was time-consuming and frustrating.

“It was a miserable, hot and windy day,” Jeanne says. “Every time I’d almost finish the measurements, my hair would blow in my face, and I’d have to start over because I’d lose track of where I was.”

Earlier this year, David and Jeanne attended the Huper Optik Dealer Meeting, where they discovered Spike by ike, a laser measurement solution for estimates and site surveys.
Jeanne tried multiple measuring apps in the past, but when she saw Spike in action at the convention, she knew it was different. Unlike typical measuring apps, Spike is a complete solution that uses a laser rangefinder, the Spike mobile app, the Spike Cloud, and a smartphone or tablet.

“I’d pay $4.99 for this app, $2.99 for this app and $9.99 for that app, but they didn’t work, so David was a little skeptical,” Jeanne says. “I knew there had to be a better way, though, and Spike is just what I had been looking for.”

To capture a window measurement, Jeanne simply attaches Spike to her iPad and snaps a photo safely from the ground. There’s no need for her to use a ladder, tape measure or wheel. All of the window’s dimension are recorded within the photo inside the Spike mobile app.

Spike by ike is especially helpful on those projects with large windows that would require a ladder to capture measurements, Jeanne says. Recently, Jeanne bid on a hotel project with 20-foot windows in the lobby. Rather than lugging a ladder through the chic lobby, Jeanne took a photo with Spike and had all of the measurements she needed. Jeanne even used Spike on a building as high as nine stories, and the accuracy on the top floor was within 1 ½ inches, which she verified with her tape measure.

As a bonus, Jeanne finds that Spike gives her professional image an instant boost. Clients are often impressed when they see Jeanne using the industry’s latest technology, which helps with establishing credibility. Jeanne also dresses in business clothing as opposed to the typical field gear because she doesn’t have to worry about climbing a ladder.

“You’re not rolling into a client visit wearing jeans and a T-shirt with a big ladder clunking through the house,” Jeanne says. “You get to present yourself more professionally, and in this industry, that sets you apart.”

Spike even comes in handy for installation planning, Jeanne says. Prior to going on-site for an installation, the installers often ask Jeanne if they need a ladder or scaffolding. Before using Spike, Jeanne would venture a guess, but with Spike’s Point-to-Point Measurement feature, Jeanne can look at her Spike photo and give the installers the measurement from the ground to the window. The installers can also use the Spike photo to see the type of window frame as well as the environment surrounding the installation area.

Since implementing Spike into the estimating process, Jeanne finds that she can work more efficiently, which directly affects Adams Window Tinting’s bottom line, she says. Previously, a typical estimating appointment would take an hour, but Spike has reduced that time to 20 to 30 minutes. Jeanne can tackle more appointments in a day for faster business turnaround times, and her time back at the office is more efficient.

Article courtesy of Spike by ike

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Huper Optik Names 2015 Dealers Of The Year

For Immediate Release

Houston, TX

Huper Optik USA, an industry leader in the window film industry, held their 2016 National Dealer Meeting in Las Vegas, NV, at the Bellagio hotel last week. The pioneer of the Multi-Layered Nano-Ceramic Window Film honored their National and Regional dealers of the year, along with recognizing their 2016 CORE members.

Four window film companies received the largest honors for their national successes in 2015. The Huper Optik Horizon Awards are given to dealers that have made the largest impact within the network as well as in sales over the last 12 months. This year’s Horizon Large Market Award was presented to Window Tint LA from California, and the national Horizon Small Market Award was presented to D&M Shutter and Blind, Inc., from Utah. The Huper Optik Synergy Awards are given to dealers nationally for going above and beyond in a lot more ways than just sales. This year’s Synergy Large Market Award was presented to Adams Window Tinting LLC from Oklahoma, while the national Synergy Small Market Award was presented to Blinds & Designs LLC. from North Carolina. When asked about award criteria, Huper Optik’s National Director of Business Development Harry Rahman stated, “Our awards don’t always go to the dealer that has the most purchases, they are given on a more holistic basis.”

Six more window film companies received Regional awards: Glas-Tint, LLC (New Jersey), All Pro Window Tinting (Georgia), Advanced Film Solutions (Florida), Sun Shade North Inc. (Michigan), Solar Art (California) and Suntech Glass Tinting (Houston).

The CORE (Circle of Regional Excellence) is made up of Huper Optik dealers that represent the voice of each region, and are the sounding board for new initiatives nationally. Huper Optik’s 2016 CORE dealers are Eric Hofer (XLNT Tint/Mid Atlantic), Todd Smith (TintSmith), Jeremy Shapiro (High Impact Glass Solutions), Dan Wubs (Clearview Solutions), Matt Darenzio (Solar Art) and Dave Kratz (Adams Window Tinting).

The meeting was Huper Optik’s largest meeting to date in its 16-year history. With a buildup of excitement brought on from new distributors, shorter ship times and the effort of adopting only industry leading practices to increase the brand experience for the end user, the Huper Optik dealer meeting set the stage for what is to come in 2016. “Our growth of over 25% in 2015, in our 16th year, is attributed to the growth of our dealers and their loyalty. Our 2016 initiative to focus on industry leading practices instead of the industry standard, is a way to show our appreciation to the dealers that have made us industry leaders,” said Harry Rahman, National Director of Business Development.

Hüper Optik USA is a market leader in German engineered, multi-layered nano-ceramic and traditional solar control film technology, providing energy savings and security solutions for commercial, residential, automotive and marine industries through a strategic network of authorized dealers in the United States, Mexico, South America and Canada. The company is known for its innovations in ceramics, including its patented dual layer nano-ceramics and neutral-toned products with low interior reflectivity. For more information or to become a dealer, visit or contact


PRWEB Release: Huper Optik Names 2015 Dealers of the Year

Huper Optik vs Llumar: Under The Brand Umbrella – SEMA 2015

Huper Optik Director of Business Development Harry Rahman talks a little about parent company Eastman Chemical, market segmentation, Huper Optik having its “own level of customer,” and not just selling the least expensive product in the industry.

Rahman also mentions Huper Optik having new auto programs, partner autobahn performance films and their exclusive products, and demonstrating Huper Optik’s patented true ceramics films vs. other dyed or metallized ceramic window tints.

Church in South Carolina Receives a Face-Lift With Exterior Tint

The gentlemen at All Pro Window Tinting out of Canton, GA  did a wonderful job on the Free Church located in Spartanburg, SC. The Church property manager did not like the look of the gold windows. All Pro provided the perfect solution with the Huper Optik Exterior Neutral 25 film. This gave the management staff the look they were trying to achieve at a 1/7th of the cost of replacing the glass, and the film adds an increase in performance for heat rejection inside the 18,000sq. ft. facility. The staff was very pleased with the result. Wonderful job All Pro!!


How To Put Up Window Tint In :40 seconds

This is how the best of the best installs window tint in your home or office in less than :40 seconds. [timelapse]

Residential and commercial window tint has consistantly been on the forfront of energy efficiency for the last decade garnering tax credits and rebates from the government.

Jason Weiss (below) and the gentlemen from Glas-Tint have been one of Huper Optiks best installers for years and was awarded the Huper Optik Dealer Of The Year for 2014.



Reduce your energy bills and have only quality work completed in your home or office by our dealer network. Click here to find a Huper Optik authorized dealer near you.


EDGE Sealing Information

Edge Sealing Films

Edge Sealing is required with certain Huper Optik products within 50 miles from the coast. This avoids issues of corrosion and having to replace film in the future. Click the images to enlarge. Films where EDGE Sealant is required are Huper Optik Drei, Sech and all Therm-X 30 & 70.

See below for application instructions and a short clip on how to apply the sealant.


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