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Tech update: Applying film to dual pane glass with surface 4 coatings

Huper Optik Dealers,

You have asked us to  look into this issue, so we have a quick update on the application of window film on  surface # 4 that has coatings on it. This is the inner most surface of a dual pane unit that comes in contact with us from the interior. The outer most surface  is number 1. (this is the surface you touch from the outside of the home).

There are various coatings that exist, two of the most common are self-cleaning coatings and low e coatings (which can be hard coat or soft coat).  As of today Huper Optik does not recommend/warranty any of our films on coatings on surface 4 due to the potential damage of these coatings as well as potentially hurting the performance of these low e coatings. This combined with any removal of the film for warranty or other reasons may result in damage.

Exterior films are an option for these applications.

Here are some EDTM meters that can be used to detect these coatings:
RX 1550 – $399
– The best coatings detector is the RX 1550
– can detect low e  and self-cleaning coatings

Low E  Etekt AE 1601 – $199
– can detect low e coatings

Glass Check Pro GC 3000 – $999 (surface 1)
– can tell glass thickness and low e coatings
– A more complete meter but not for coatings alone

On some of the meters when detecting the coatings, the surface numbers are reversed as the meter thinks that the surface that the meter is touching is actually surface 1 .Keep this in mind to make sure you understand that this is reversed when you are placing the meter on surface 4.

Technical Department
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