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Congress Approves Tax Credit Extension for Window Film

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Congress has recently passed HR 5771, an extension of tax credits on energy efficient improvements. These energy efficient improvements include window film and allows taxpayers to claim the incentives on their 2014 returns filed in early 2015. Congress stated that they will cover up to 10 percent of the cost of window films to a maximum of $500.

As part of a home or building’s insulation envelope, window films like those manufactured by Huper Optik,  reduces energy consumption by rejecting the sun’s solar energy and UV rays during the hot months of the year. Window films have been formulated to allow in the maximum amount of natural light, all while still protecting you against the sun’s heat, and UV rays. Not known to most, but in the winter months some window film can reflect heat, keeping it in, allowing for less energy consumption.

It has been proven that window films are beneficial in residential and commercial energy efficiency improvements by reducing a property’s carbon footprint. There are many dealers around the country that carry it and  application time is short. It also has been proven that window films have a lower cost than most energy efficient improvements, as well as a faster return on investment. These are just a few reasons window film has made it on HR 5771 allowing consumers to claim the tax credit on their 2014 returns.

For more details visit or the Alliance to Save Energy.


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