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Protect Your Windows with Security Film

Shield Series Security Film Can Guard Your Windows Without the Bulk

Security – it’s something every building needs to some degree.

Some areas and some types of buildings are more susceptible to dangers than others. Entry points like windows are more likely to be breached in high-crime areas, or in buildings where there is a lot inside to attract potential thieves.

Mother nature can also be a danger to your building’s windows, as high winds can blow trash or even small rocks and cause even the sturdiest panes of glass to shatter.

Luckily, Huper Optik’s shield series of security film offers you the ability to guard your windows without covering them in bulky shutters or cumbersome guards.

Security Film

The Dangers Posed from Shattering Windows

We all know that a broken window is never fun to deal with. The mess and the cost are both a headache, and this is true whether you deal with the issue at a residential or commercial facility.

But there are also a lot of dangers to be had with broken windows. For one, broken glass is extremely hard to clean up safely. Even with proper technique or glass that is advertised as “shatter proof,” it is easy to cut yourself or leave behind tiny shards.

These shards can damage anyone or anything that touches them. At work, it can be a hazard to your customers and employees. At home, it can be a threat to your family members and pets.

The solution most people find usually involves a window covering. But while they may prevent shattering, they present their own problems. 

Why Security Film is the Best Option

Your first option for dealing with the threat of broken windows at a business is usually installing a metal shutter that you’ll close whenever you close the store down.

However, this isn’t always 100% reliable. Your coverings won’t do anything until they’re applied, meaning a strong storm during business hours could shatter unprotected panes. Likewise, the covers could be bulky and cumbersome to apply night in and night out.

The same goes for your home. Blocking off windows with large guards can obscure your view of the outside world and function as a major eyesore.

Security film from the shield series is not only less noticeable, but it works at all times. If the pane of glass is ever broken, the film will form a “spider web” of sorts and stop flying shards from entering the building. Even better – they will stop the broken window from becoming an entry way for intruders.

Shield Series is a Cost-Efficient Safety Option

When you want to prevent your windows from becoming a liability, choose security film. It will ensure that broken panes don’t become a problem and cause you to incur repair expenses.

Even better, it will ensure your windows remain intact and stop from becoming openings even if the glass breaks. It is a smart investment in terms of both saving money and avoiding potential dangers at a home or business. 

How Window Films Are a Security Device

Whether it’s a home, a business, or any other type of facility, most people place a high value on securing their property.

Protecting a structure from harm can be difficult, especially with so many hazards to look out for. Owners and managers are always looking for simple ways to protect their investment and keep it safe.

Protective window films help minimize the damage caused by natural disasters, vandalism, storms, and even structural attacks. This simple but helpful accessory is one that can help anyone keep their facility and the property inside it safer, making the area more welcoming to those who use it.

Why Holistic Protection is Hard to Come By

Securing the windows in a location is a big step. However, this doesn’t mean it has to be one that takes up a lot of time and resources.

The reason why good protection is hard to find is because there are so many threats to windows. Not only are they the part of a building more likely to be damaged from debris and pressure from weather events, but they also serve as a makeshift entry point for would-be criminals.

Protecting against nature and the possibility of human interference can be difficult. However, protective window films provide protection against all types of major threats.

How Window Films Shield Glass

Preventing glass breakage, cracking, unwanted entry, and any type of damage to and around windows is much easier with protective film.

Films designed to shield windows from impact use multiple layers of ceramic material, which is engineered to absorb impact. Whether its high winds from hurricanes or thunderstorms, or even human threats like bombs, ballistics, or burglary, protective films can be a difference-maker.

The film is designed to hinder unwanted entry, as a broken pane of glass covered in protective film will create a “spider web” of broken glass, slowing down the efforts of a burglar and making it harder for them to get inside.

The film’s ability to absorb impact from blasts caused by bombs or accidents, as well as from storms, also helps to prevent shattered glass from making the area more dangerous. Features like these can help keep a facility safer.

Safer Buildings Mean Safer Locations

Whether it’s a home where someone goes to relax or a place of business where a person goes to serve others, people appreciate a secure location. Knowing that windows are protected from the most common threats out there is a benefit for anyone.

Protective window films give owners peace of mind, letting them know their locations won’t put them or other people in danger.

The films also come with certain levels of visible light transmission and reflection, allowing users to even control the amount of sunlight that gets in through their windows. This provides more control than most owners ever imagined they’d have with their windows.

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