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Huper Optik USA is the world leader in nanoceramic window films across multiple applications. Let us help you create the perfect window.

10 Reasons To Do Business With Huper Optik


1. Culture and RelationshipMutual Benefit for both Dealer and Supplier – Would you like to do business with a company that has had the same leadership and values for over 15 years? Since 2000, we have had the same management, personnel and same CORE PURPOSE “to partner with entrepreneurial spirited dealers for our mutual benefit.”

2. CultureDealer Network Alliance – Our network of dealers and distributors is a select group. This group focuses on helping improve our brand and services. Your input is how we improve! Be heard and see the change!

3. Profit increaseProven Product Technology –  Be one of the few dealers with the best performing line of window films in the industry. The only non-metal, non-dyed, non-reflective ceramic film in the world that has been in the market for over 15 years.

• Industry Leaders and Innovators – Over 15 years ago we invented ceramic films and even today, after every manufacturer is claiming to have their “advanced” ceramic, our products remain the highest performing, non- dyed, non-metal, non-reflective ceramic films.

4. Profit sustainedMax/Min – Fewer dealers means less competition. Be one of the top dealers selling film at highly profitable prices. Our business model allows us to focus on key accounts rather than sell to everyone. We don’t saturate markets and will commit to you if you can commit to us.

• All Products are Available To All Dealers- By not creating classes of dealers, we make sure that all our dealers have access to all of our products. The equality of our dealer network means that you will not feel like a second class dealer at Huper Optik. Everyone has access to the same warranties and programs.

• No Conflicting Channels – Our goal is to make sure we are not creating conflict with our dealers by creating other avenues such as do-it -yourself kits and other channels that will compete with our dealers. The Huper Optik brand is your brand.

• Warranty Programs – At Huper Optik we offer the same warranty for all our product lines, no matter the price. You get the best warranty from Huper Optik whether it be residential, automotive or commercial films.

5. Relationship and CultureSmall, Fast and Agile – By focusing on the quality of our dealers rather than just the quantity, we can focus on giving more attention to the ones we have rather than trying to satisfy thousands of dealers. This improves our ability to adjust to changing markets and dealer requests by delivering what you need immediately.

6. Profit sustainedLargest Window Film Manufacturer in the World – Enjoy the expertise of the largest manufacturer of window films in the world in Eastman Chemical, with the agility of a fast moving, small company like Huper Optik USA. Our economies of scale allow us to deliver product to you efficiently and cost effectively. Have the best of both worlds!

7. Profit increaseHighest Performing, Non-Reflective window film in the World – Our Select Drei (35% VLT) performs like a Silver 20 (70% TSER), but is no more reflective than clear/dual pane glass (12% VLR). 15 YEARS LATER after every manufacturer has tried, DREI is still the highest performing non-reflective film in the world.

8. Profit expansionMaster Account Program  – This program focuses on helping you expand your horizons into the commercial markets rather than competing against the dealer. By creating trust and security through non-competes and non-disclosures, we prove to you that we are your partner and here to help you.

9. Relationship and CultureProfessional, Industry Experienced, Field Representation  – Our representatives have owned Hüper Optik Window Film companies. They understand your challenges and opportunities. They act as a liaison to help us better understand your world.

10. Product CraftsmanshipTitanium Nitride
1st and only Patented Nano-Ceramic Film of its kind.
3X more infra-red rejection (IR) than dyed film
4X less reflectance (VLR) than metalized film
23˚F cooler compared with no film
25X more durable than conventional films


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