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The “Loveseat” And Dave The Loveseat Guy

The “Loveseat” That Was Cursed

We had just recently purchased a new home in a new town and had some remodeling, unpacking and getting the kids bedrooms all set up for them. We had every room done besides our reading room which was going to be a formal room for only entertaining also meaning I wasn’t allowed to go in their.
 The room was beautiful looking and had some very nice artwork hanging on the walls with a ladder of family photos and some uncomfortable sitting chairs. My wife was looking for that perfect couch “loveseat” to finish the room and make it perfect. Weekends of shopping and finding the best deal she feel in love with one particular couch I would never get to sit it. This is how our couch story began.

Horrible Love

This is dedicated reading room has three giant windows in them and they face South which we will catup up on this topic again soon. So the room is done and we have our first party a few months later, and have some holidays and the home is perfect all the way around and we are one big happy family. Until the day I was watching TV and heard by wife scream that the top of her lungs about something in the famous reading room. I walk in the room and she shows me how her new favorite couch is fading from the top to the bottom.
Of course she is asking me what happened and how do her new couch turn from a “loveseat” to a “Oh my god this looks horrible” We called the company we purchased this lovely couch from and they came out without any hesitation and replaced it with a brand new one. Once again the room was now perfect and everybody was happy campers.

Sunny Days Made It Happen

Many family memories were made in this room over time and our family was really enjoying our new room, my wife had her reading room for entertaining and guests, she had her favorite couch I still wasn’t allowed to sit in and life was grand. Well until she went to move an area rug which also meant moving the favorite couch and to her dismay what did she find again? Yes the fading on the couch was back again and this time nobody was allowed back in the room while she was trying to figure out if a kid was spilling something on it, was it me taking revenge on her lovely couch, was it a leak or just just poor workmanship on this “Loveseat”

Window Film = Love

So they ended up bringing us one more couch but also said when the delivery men come to replace it they are also sending out a-subcontractor with them. This had me very curious maybe he was involved in warranty work or actually worked for the manufacturer. I was wrong he was a window film installer which I only thought they had window tint for cars, not homes this was very interesting to me. I spoke with Dave and he told me the couch manufacturer said the fading was being caused by hours of the southern sun exposure. He said they could only replace our couch again if we allowed him to apply window film on our windows. I wasn’t thrilled with the idea and told him I don’t want dark tinted windows on the front of our house.

Residential Window Film

Dave showed me a sample of the window film he was going to use and told me all about it, it was a clear film he would install on the inside of the windows but it would be blocking 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. He said with the Southern sun shining in our windows for the majority of the day that was the issue, it was causing the couch’s fabric to fade in strange lines. Dave said he was going to use one of the best brands on the market called Hüper Optik and he said it will keep the couch from fading, but also make the window stronger, and help us with our energy bill as well. We let Dave the window film expert do his window film installation and in about an hour or so he was done and my wife let him sit on the “loveseat” while he filled out our paperwork for the Hüper Optik warranty.
Since then we have also had our upstairs boys bedrooms done with the Hüper Optik window film and guess what? My wife has been very happy with her new couch for the past two years and I still can’t sit on the darn couch.

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