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Energy Modeling for Commercial Establishments

Energy efficiency is more important than ever before, especially for businesses.

With the green movement gaining more traction all the time and companies seeing the financial benefits of a smaller carbon footprint, the topic of energy modeling has increased in popularity.

Huper Optik can help businesses reach the perfect balance of energy efficiency for their size, needs, and goals. Making strategic changes with the intent of establishing economical energy advances can seem like a complex process, but Huper Optik is an expert in this area.

Energy Audit of a Building

Why People Hold Off on Energy Modeling

Taking a more energy-efficient approach to business means saving money and helping the environment. What is there to lose? For smart business owners, this is the determining factor about whether to make the switch.

While energy efficient technology has served many businesses well, no two organizations are the same. Even two businesses in the same chain may have unique needs related to their geographic locations and the buying habits of local shoppers.

Energy modeling involves assessing a facility to determine which options would be the most beneficial. This allows a business to move into the green mindset without pressuring them into adopting one-size-fits-all solutions.

Accurate Calculations and High Standards

Energy-efficient technology has evolved quickly over the years. One of the biggest signs of the industry’s progress is the development of standards and guidelines for this technology.

Not only can Huper Optik provide detailed measurements and calculations to help owners understand how their business will benefit, but we also work based off ISO9050 and ASHRAE specifications.

By using the right information, we can provide you with the same benefits other companies have enjoyed. The numbers are a great indicator for learning where to make modifications and how much you can expect to benefit from them.

See the Benefits Where It Matters

Using energy-efficient technology like window films can reduce the load of HVAC units and improve indoor climates. The products accomplish this without diminishing the appearance of a building or reducing visibility at night. These durable solutions are backed by an industry-leading warranty, making energy modeling a safe upgrade for organizations of all sizes.

Fusion: A Window Film Built for Energy Efficiency 

Fusion Series Films Help Building Owners and the Planet Simultaneously 

There’s a lot of interest in the green movement, and for good reason.

Not only can an energy-efficient approach to daily life help preserve the planet, but it can also provide benefits for everyone who takes part. 

Energy-efficient cars can get more mileage, energy-efficient machines can be more productive, and energy-efficient buildings can offer a more pleasant environment.

Fusion window films help homes and businesses control how many rays get through their windows. The material itself is focused on sustainability and utilizes green materials. It helps building owners lean less on their HVAC, while also providing privacy and comfort at the same time.

The energy-efficient approach and sustainable mindset behind Fusion films can benefit the user and have a positive effect on the planet.

Using Fusion for Temperature Stabilization – No More “Hot Spots”

Hot spots – every building is bound to have a few. Only instead of being a place to get wireless signal, these are pesky areas where the temperature always seems to rise.

Even a building with a robust air-conditioning system may find their cooling efforts results in an uneven climate. When some areas of a building are stuffy or muggy, it can be a major inconvenience to the occupants that occasionally may even result in health issues.

Hot spots and imbalanced climates usually result from sun beaming through windows consistently on warm days. Fusion films can provide heat rejection for residential and commercial locations, making them less likely to get overheated – and making them less reliant on air-conditioning. 

Green Technology Meets Energy Efficiency 

One of the core foundations of the green movement is energy efficiency. Doing things with as little impact on the planet as possible is now easier than ever before, thanks to technologies like Fusion window films.

Even when the air conditioner and fans are cranked up high and left on for hours, it can sometimes seem like a losing battle to keep a building cool. This is because windows can function like heaters on a sunny day, providing a constant influx of rays and the warmth with them.

Stopping that flow of heat means a building needs their air conditioner less. The less energy they use, the better for the environment. This can also be handy for lowering electric bills.

Benefits Beyond Savings and Environmentalism

Everyone wants to get the best deal possible as they try to improve their home or business. Fusion films are a cost-efficient choice for residential and commercial facilities because of their solar control. This helps the user and the planet – but what else does it offer?

Windows with protective films let in less heat, making for a more comfortable location. They can also provide additional protection against sun glare and stop surfaces from fading under harsh rays.

Comfort, protection, and advanced energy-efficient performance are all qualities of Fusion films. For any homeowner or business owner who wants to enjoy a green product designed for efficiency, Fusion is the right choice. 

Congress Approves Tax Credit Extension for Window Film

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Congress has recently passed HR 5771, an extension of tax credits on energy efficient improvements. These energy efficient improvements include window film and allows taxpayers to claim the incentives on their 2014 returns filed in early 2015. Congress stated that they will cover up to 10 percent of the cost of window films to a maximum of $500.

As part of a home or building’s insulation envelope, window films like those manufactured by Huper Optik,  reduces energy consumption by rejecting the sun’s solar energy and UV rays during the hot months of the year. Window films have been formulated to allow in the maximum amount of natural light, all while still protecting you against the sun’s heat, and UV rays. Not known to most, but in the winter months some window film can reflect heat, keeping it in, allowing for less energy consumption.

It has been proven that window films are beneficial in residential and commercial energy efficiency improvements by reducing a property’s carbon footprint. There are many dealers around the country that carry it and  application time is short. It also has been proven that window films have a lower cost than most energy efficient improvements, as well as a faster return on investment. These are just a few reasons window film has made it on HR 5771 allowing consumers to claim the tax credit on their 2014 returns.

For more details visit or the Alliance to Save Energy.


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