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Consider Ceramic Window Film for Added Privacy

Consider Ceramic Window Film for Added Privacy

Business and homeowners aiming to add privacy and security to their office and homes are finding that high-grade ceramic window film is a rapidly-growing solution. Professionally-installed ceramic and nano-ceramic window from Huper Optik can reject up to 99.9% of all ultraviolet (UV) radiation while substantially improving the privacy of almost any home, office, or vehicle. 


Residential and Commercial Window Films

Homeowners concerned with burglaries or break-in attempts can rest easy knowing that top-level ceramic window film such as Huper Optik Nano-Ceramic can be easily added to their home. In fact, this type of Residential film is the industry leader in both innovation and performance, providing an unsurpassed option for homeowners seeking more privacy. 

Huper Optik offers a dozen different nano-ceramic films for both single and dual-pane windows, offering superior privacy and performance without altering the exterior appearance of a home’s windows. Business owners looking for the same energy-efficiency and privacy benefits as homeowners can also have one of Huper Optik’s Commercial-grade films installed in their office space or building. 

Automotive Window Films

Cars and trucks remain one of the most popular recipients of ceramic window film, as drivers and vehicle owners frequently want to reinforce factory automotive glass while adding another layer of privacy. 

Many vehicles are unfortunately ripe targets for burglary and theft, especially if a vehicle owner keeps any type of electronic equipment or upgrades in the vehicle. Even if a vehicle owner doesn’t keep devices such as smartphones or other valuables in their vehicle, a sad reality that many thieves will simply smash their way into a car or truck on the off chance that something worthwhile is inside. The replacement cost on unprotected automotive glass is both considerable and incredibly frustrating to incur. 

Ceramic window coating provides two additional layers of security for vehicle owners, darkening the glass itself and shielding a vehicle’s interior from prying eyes while also physically reinforcing the glass. In fact, ceramic window film can almost be considered “shatterproof”, for while sufficient force can crack the glass, the glass itself will remain fixed in-place against the film. This will in most cases prevent thieves from accessing the inside of a vehicle.  

For additional information on Huper Optik products or a pricing quote, customers can submit an inquiry via our online contact form, or call us toll-free at 888-296-FILM (3456). 

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